Next Xbox console leak suggests potential 2025 launch

Next Xbox console leak suggests potential 2025 launch
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Tom Chapman


7th Aug 2023 15:22

Nintendo Switch 2 this, Nintendo Switch 2 that, what about Microsoft? While the gaming world seems pretty caught up in all the hype that Nintendo could be releasing a successor to the Switch, new leaks suggest that another Xbox console might be on the way sooner than expected.

As we near the midpoint of the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 life cycles, it's around this time you might expect a refresh. Alongside continued whispers of a PS5 Slim to rival its clunky counterpart, Microsoft could be adding another little slugger to the Xbox Series family.

Digital-only Xbox Series X rumoured for 2025

During the latest episode of the XboxEra Podcast, noted leaker Shpeshal Nick claimed that a digital-only Xbox Series X could be on the way. The idea is that we'll get a slimmed-down version of the boxy console by taking out the disc drive. 

Shpeshal Nick says, "I actually heard it from a couple of sources," adding, "Microsoft are currently looking into a digital-only Series X." He adds that a lot of people have wanted this for a while, citing a space-friendly console. Following on from the 1TB Series S in black, it could be the Series X's turn for a lick of paint.

The important part is that the digital-only Xbox Series X could be targeting a 2025 release date...along with "other" hardware. He frustratingly couldn't go into what this hardware is, so throw the doors open to wild speculation. Could we see Microsoft follow in Sony's footsteps with its own take on Project Q?

Fans will know the Series S is a digital-only console, however, it lacks the storage and 4K gaming abilities of the beefier Xbox Series X. During the console war of this generation, Sony has edged ahead of the Xbox Series in some categories - namely that its disc and digital-only versions of the PS5 have the same specs. 

Xbox is on the move

PlayStation versus Xbox
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There are lots of ifs and buts here, but a 2025 revamp of the Xbox line makes perfect sense. The Switch 2 is reportedly targeting 2024, while there are reports of a PS6 and next generation of Xbox coming in 2028. Then again, remember that Microsoft typically never makes a profit on its consoles

It's an exciting time for the Green Team, and with record Xbox users in 2023, it's a gaming giant on the grow. Couple this with Starfield as (potentially) one of this year's biggest games AND the might of the Activision Blizzard deal, releasing a slimmer Xbox Series X could help bump up profits. 

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