Disc-free Xbox Series X leaked amidst major Microsoft changes

Disc-free Xbox Series X leaked amidst major Microsoft changes
Image via Xbox

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Joseph Kime


28th Mar 2024 13:10

Phil Spencer's huge plans for the future of Xbox were seemingly revealed last year, as a whopping leak threw the company into an unexpected meltdown. It gave fans a look into the future of the gaming generation at the expense of years of work at Microsoft. 

Even despite Xbox's setback, this generation is trundling on. As we approach the middle of the Series X|S and PS5 ERA, many expect a souped-up edition of the consoles to accompany some of the more demanding games to come. And it looks like a new update has just hit the internet.

Xbox's disc-free Series X has leaked

After rumours of a new Series X model circled the internet, a new report in The Verge has revealed images of a presumed disc-free version of the Xbox Series X console.

The images come via Exputer, which claims that the new console will come with upgraded internal components and a new heatsink designed to cool it. The report from The Verge adds that the site has seen internal documents that suggest that the pictures are real.

The console is a logical next step for Xbox's hopes that players will eventually forget about physical games, opting for this new console to get the best of Xbox's power without having to shell out for a disc drive that they simply may not use.

Even if it's not the massive mid-gen refresh we were looking for (effectively painting the Series X white), this looks like the new evolution of Xbox that the company has been planning for some time.

The new Xbox Series X shares features with its leaked counterpart

The leaked plans for Project Brooklin from Xbox.
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Image via FTC vs Microsoft

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The huge leaks we mentioned earlier revealed a new Microsoft console, Project Brooklin. It seems increasingly likely that its design has evolved into what we see in these leaked images.

The original model was mocked up as a cylindrical piece of hardware, but some notes might've been taken from this product and applied to this new Xbox Series X. Still, the disc-free series X is supposedly around $100 cheaper than the current market model, while Brooklin was the same price as the current Series X.

Amidst worries that Xbox is abandoning physical games, we'll have to wait for an official reveal to see if Xbox really is pushing Project Brooklin to release after the leak. One thing seems clear, the Xbox is most definitely getting an upgrade.

Joseph Kime is the Senior Trending News Journalist for GGRecon from Devon, UK. Before graduating from MarJon University with a degree in Journalism, he started writing music reviews for his own website before writing for the likes of FANDOM, Zavvi and The Digital Fix. He is host of the Big Screen Book Club podcast, and author of Building A Universe, a book that chronicles the history of superhero movies. His favourite games include DOOM (2016), Celeste and Pokemon Emerald.

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