‘New’ PS5 Slim page goes live in Australia

‘New’ PS5 Slim page goes live in Australia
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Joseph Kime


30th Mar 2023 09:25

Word of a new PlayStation has been circulating the video game industry for what seems like an eternity, which is strange, as we've only just overcome the generation's leading stock problems. 

Despite many only just getting their hands on a PlayStation 5 - and the console's reign just beginning -others are turning to the future and looking at what comes next.

The Nintendo Switch might be in line for an upgrade the most, but even though the PS5 is almost the most powerful console on the market (safe for the Xbox Series X being an absolute powerhouse), fans are still waiting for something of an upgrade. And, it looks like they might be getting it.

Australian store may have leaked a new PS5 model

‘New’ PS5 Slim page goes live in Australia
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The Good Guys | The Gamer

Whoopsy daisy. A new model of PS5 could be joining the family of the original PlayStation and its disc-free counterpart, as an Australian electronics retailer appears to have leaked a slim version on its site.

As initially reported on ResetEra, and corroborated by The Gamer,  The Good Guys has a page ready for a "new look, slimmer PS5." That's all well and good, but as it doesn't come with any attached details or images, we're erring on the side of caution. 

Of course, a nigh-on empty store page doesn't count as concrete evidence, so take it with a pinch of salt - but it's an exciting implication nonetheless. While PlayStation Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino teased a new console for this year, most assumed it would be a PS5 Pro.

What's next for the PS5 family?

The original PS5 was mocked for being pretty bulky, so the suggestion is that a new console would be smaller, far less clunky, and come with a detachable disc drive so its form factor can be drastically reduced on the fly.

A PS5 Slim model isn't exactly that far off in terms of imagination. Rumours have hinted at its existence for months. We've had slimline PlayStation editions since the PS2, so gamers were always guessing a PS5 Slim was out there somewhere.

Who knows when we'll see this console or if it's actually the real deal, either way, this new morsel from The Good Guys could imply that it's right around the corner.

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