Xbox boss expects 'future games' from Square Enix on the platform

Xbox boss expects 'future games' from Square Enix on the platform
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Jack Marsh


31st Jul 2023 14:50

For quite some time now, Square Enix has been wearing an eye patch that covers the X spot on its map, steering its ship towards the bay of Sony and Nintendo, while ignoring the treasures that are on the shores of Microsoft.

The creators of the Final Fantasy series (among many other games) have been giving Xbox a cold shoulder as of late, with most of the series titles being PlayStation and Nintendo exclusive, especially the Pixel Remasters and Final Fantasy XVI.

But this era of exile appears to be over , as Square Enix and Microsoft have broken bread. With the news that Final Fantasy XIV will arrive on Xbox, Phil Spencer has now said he hopes for more of the same.

Xbox's Phil Spencer promises more Square Enix content 

A decade after launching and Final Fantasy 14 is finally coming to Xbox, as Square Enix Director Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida and Head of Xbox Phil Spencer shared the stage at Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023.

But following the announcement, Spencer has now taken to social media to tease a healthier ongoing relationship with Square Enix.

"We're thrilled that the Xbox community will join the Warriors of Light and we look forward to partnering closely with Square Enix on future games," Spencer said on Twitter.

What does a renewed Square Enix partnership mean for Xbox?

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So far, some classic FF games have been skipped on Xbox, which may be more appropriate to bring to the console than some of the other titles. With Square Enix eyeing some more Final Fantasy remasters, it could be that Microsoft could now get a foothold in this market by landing them on Game Pass.

The new friendship could also see the timed exclusive window for Final Fantasy XVI become narrower, with Spencer likely wanting to get the newest blockbuster game in the series on Xbox as soon as possible, expanding on the 3.3 million sales it's netted on PlayStation.

Of course, Square Enix also houses Dragon Quest and Star Ocean, the latter of which is set to have The Second Story launch without an Xbox port, which now might be reviewed too. For now, players will be able to enjoy the fruits of Final Fantasy XIV in Spring 2024 as the series leaps into Xbox's grips for the first time.

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