NZXT announces new components that 'refine the PC-building experience'

NZXT announces new components that 'refine the PC-building experience'
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Harry Boulton


10th Jun 2024 14:28

NZXT has certainly been busy if Computex 2024 is anything to go by, as three new product types have been announced, bringing next-generation hardware experiences and refining the overall PC-building experience.

As much as we all love it, there are always some little gripes within the act of a new PC build, so having those ironed out with key enhancements is welcome in new and exciting products.

Keep it simple with new single-frame fans

Modularity certainly has its benefits, but sometimes you just want to keep things clean and simple. That's where the new F-Series RGB single-frame fans come in handy, as they remove the need for daisy-chaining with a single, seamless design.

Image of the new 240mm F-Series fans from NZXT
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You'll be able to choose from 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm options, ranging from $44.99 to $69.99, giving you the flexibility of size without the hassle of trying to configure it all in the case. On top of this, the unit boasts just one singular 8-pin cable - making this perfect for any wire-haters like me out there.

Available in Q3 2024, these fans are perfect for first-time builders and experienced PC heads who are fed up with faffing about.

H7 Flow gets a facelift

The NZXT H7 Flow has been one of the most popular mid-tower cases since its initial release, and it's only getting better with a new and optimised version launching this June.

It retains its stunning visual design for the most part - only with new high-performance mesh panels that enhance airflow - but the interior has been redesigned in order to optimise performance even further.

Image of the new NZXT H7 Flow
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You can now orient your power supply vertically, which allows for three 120mm fans to be mounted along the bottom. There is also space for 420mm and 360mm radiators on the front and top respectively, ensuring that only the best liquid cooling performance is achieved.

Organisation is also optimised with tool-less access to the front, top, and side panels, alongside an enhanced cable management system that'll be a blessing to anyone nearing the end of their build, lost in a sea of ugly wires.

While it might not have the flash of a swanky new case, the revisions to the H7 Flow keep it at the forefront of the mid-tower space - and it's definitely one that we'll be keeping our eyes out for.

Maintain top and efficient power with new C-Series supplies

Power supplies aren't always the most exciting of parts, per se, but they're arguably the most important thing within your build and an aspect you'll want to get right. That's why the new NZXT C-Series Gold and Platinum PSUs are an exciting announcement that keeps you prepared for the next generation of gaming.

Image of the NZXT C1200 power supply
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Spanning across 850W, 1000W, and 1200W options in Gold efficiency and 1500W in Platinum, these will keep your system going with all the newest standards and an optimised build that enhances airflow.

There's even a choice between white and black options, making sure that your power supply lines up with the aesthetic of your build!

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