Fans fear the much-hyped next-gen version of GTA V has been delayed by Rockstar Games.

09:35, 01 Mar 2021

There are worries Rockstar Games has let the air out of the tyres of the Grand Theft Auto series, amidst rumours the next-gen GTA V remaster has been delayed. While we sit and twiddle our thumbs for even a whisper of GTA VI, there were hopes the next-gen GTA V would at least tide us over for a while. Those up on their video game factoids will know that GTA V is something of a big deal and is actually the most profitable entertainment product of all time. With this in mind, players can't wait to see what a next-gen remaster could add to the party.

It's hard to believe GTA V came out in 2013. But while most games have long-since hit the hay and called it a day, Rockstar's all-star extravaganza has kept on chugging thanks to the continued popularity of GTA Online. The online multiplayer spinoff is tied to the title and has helped GTA V become the juggernaut it is today. Even if we are heading toward the end of its days thanks to the inevitable release of GTA 6, a GTA V remaster is a big deal.


Why do fans think the next-gen GTA V remaster has been delayed?

The idea that the next-gen GTA V remaster has been delayed first surfaced thanks to a PlayStation 5 advert over on IGN’s YouTube channel. It's a pretty standard ad to promote the next-gen console and games like Horizon Forbidden WestGran Turismo 7Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and (most importantly) GTA V. Although games like Ratchet & Clank had their release date running underneath the trailer, the GTA remaster simply said: "In development for PS5". 

Others have noted there's no release date attached to Gran Turismo 7, which presumably comes from the fact Sony has just delayed the racing game to 2022. Considering the trailer looks like a new and up to date slate of release dates, it could be our biggest indication that the GTA V remaster will be delayed. The recent PlayStation State of Play would've seemed like the perfect opportunity to give an update on GTA V, with silence not exactly being a great sign. Let's not be too pessimistic though, there's still a chance it could release in 2021. 



Will the next-gen GTA V remaster be delayed?

The prospect of the remaster being delayed looks increasingly likely in a coronavirus-ravaged gaming landscape. Everything from Cyberpunk 2077 to Halo Infinite have been struck by delays, with Far Cry 6 being the latest to be shunted from its original release. Added to this, there are growing concerns God of War: Ragnarok won't make its tentative 2021 release. All of the above have been compounded by a lacklustre PlayStation State of Play that hyped the Final Fantasy 7 remake and Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach but conspicuously left out Horzion Forbidden WestGod of War: Ragnarok, and any GTA news.

As usual, Rockstar is remaining tight-lipped on this one. The critically-acclaimed developer is notoriously sketchy with details, which have already led to questions about whether GTA 6 is even being worked on. Sony is also yet to respond to allegations the next-gen GTA V remaster has been delayed. If the game has slipped from a planned 2021 release, it could also have a knock-on effect for whatever date Rockstar had pencilled in for GTA 6. Cheers Rockstar, kid's crying now. 



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