GTA 5 modders use leaks to attempt Nintendo Switch port

GTA 5 modders use leaks to attempt Nintendo Switch port
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Tom Chapman


2nd Apr 2024 14:32

At this point in GTA V's lifespan, is there anyone who hasn't played it? The 2013 automotive adventure took the Grand Theft Auto series to new heights, and while many think 2025's GTA 6 will be the biggest game of all time, that crown currently belongs to GTA V. 

After its humble start on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, GTA V was later rolled out onto the next generation before getting an expanded and enhanced version for PS5 and Xbox Series. It's baffling to think GTA V has lasted three generations of consoles, but even as we reach the end of its life cycle, players want one more release.

GTA V Switch release could be on the way thanks to modders

Given the graphical advancements of the GTA games, it's always felt like a step too far to get them on Nintendo consoles. It's also no secret that Nintendo's usually family-friendly lineup of first-party games means most GTA games have skipped out on its consoles. Still, we'd have thought releasing GTA V on the Switch would be a lucrative deal for both sides. 

Now, a fansite known as GTA Focal has reported on a group of modders who are trying to bring the gaming Goliath of GTA V to Switch, Linux, and Android. It's all thanks to the GTA source code leaking in 2023, which allowed tech-savvy modders unprecedented access to the game's inner workings. 

GTA Focal's clip shows off the GTA V loading screen, and aside from a couple of error reports, it's clear it technically could run on the console. The Switch should be more than powerful enough to run GTA V, but it's not as simple as just booting up the portable-home hybrid. 

Seeing how much Rockstar and parent company Take-Two Interactive love a good takedown, we're also not sure the team will be able to get past the loading screen before their project is scrubbed from the internet. Still, the idea of taking GTA V on the go is a tantalising prospect. 

GTA V was likely never coming to Switch

GTA V promo
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Image via Rockstar Games

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If you're hoping for a last-minute release of GTA V to see the game and the Switch bow out in style, the leaked source code suggests one was never in the works. Given that the Switch is more powerful than the Xbox 360, many have questioned why it never came to the console

The Switch has hosted Rockstar games like L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption, with the latter running surprisingly well. A now-deleted Reddit post points out how the massive GTA V codebase has just two mentions of the Switch, with them tied to utility functions and objects - far from indicating a port was ever in development.

Of course, if the rumoured Switch successor comes out in 2025, there's a chance GTA V will rise from the grave. We're not sure GTA 6 will be released on a Nintendo handheld, but a GTA V port to a spruced-up Switch is a possibility. In the meantime, it's over to modders to see if this one can dodge Rockstar's legal eagles. 

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