Newcastle Heirloom concept gives him a knight's sword in Apex Legends

Newcastle Heirloom concept gives him a knight's sword in Apex Legends
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Alex Garton


29th Aug 2023 14:08

Heirlooms are the most prized cosmetics in Apex Legends due to their rarity and the set of incredible animations they bring to a character.

While Horizon received the last Heirloom and leaks indicate Fuse is next on the list for Season 18, that doesn't stop hardcore fans from creating concepts for their favourite Legends.

In this case, one fan has gone the extra mile to design Newcastle his very own mythic-tier item, and it suits his personality perfectly.

Equipping the Heroic Defender with a knight's longsword, the impressive "Sentinel Blade" design would be the ultimate partner for his mighty shield.

Apex Legends Heirloom concept give Newcastle knight's sword

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user ItsHuubske has presented a Newcastle Heirloom concept to the community that's so good Respawn could add it to the Outlands tomorrow.

The "Sentinel Blade" is a huge single-handed knight's sword with a futuristic metallic design that matches the Heoric Defender's powerful shield.

Huubske even took the time to sketch a pose of Newcastle holding the blade, and another of him diving towards an opponent with the sword.

The possibilities for unique animations with the "Sentinel Blade" are endless, and it's hard to imagine Apex's favourite dad using anything else.

Apex fans shower Newcastle Heirloom creator with praise

Newcastle Apex Legends
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As expected, the reception to Newcastle "Sentinel Blade" has been nothing but positive, and it's to see why given the amount of thought that's gone into the design.

"God I needed this in my life, thanks so much man I love it," said one excited user, with another going as far as to say "This is lovely, I love NC and would love to see an Heirloom that's a sword to match his knight theme!."

It's safe to say Huubske has raised the bar for a Newcastle Heirloom and the ball is now in Respawn's court to deliver. Let's hope they take inspiration from the idea, as it's going to be hard to top the "Sentinel Blade" now the community has seen it.

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