Apex Legends fans slam devs for 'blatantly ignoring' strikepack cheaters

Apex Legends fans slam devs for 'blatantly ignoring' strikepack cheaters
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25th Aug 2023 11:55

The significant majority of cheating in Apex Legends happens on PC, as players can download third-party software to grant them an unfair advantage over their foes.

Whether it's an aimbot, wallhacks, or even the ability to fly around the map, hacks can effectively grant players superpowers in the Outlands but will come at the cost of a permanent ban eventually.

Despite this, software isn't the only form of cheating going on in Apex Legends, with console players raising concerns over the abundance of strikepack users.

According to fans, Respawn is "blatantly ignoring" this problem and instead, is only focused on banning PC hackers.

Apex Legends fans claim strikepack cheaters are everywhere

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user vforvasten argued that Respawn is "blatantly ignoring everything that's happening on console," referring to the increasing number of strikepack users in Season 18.

Strikepacks are physical hardware that you can attach to your controller to give it extra functionality that is not accessible to normal players. Whether that's rapid-fire for semi-automatic guns or instant drop shots bound to a single button.

A lot of the community has given up hope that Respawn even has the capabilities to detect strikepacks, arguing "They’ll never ban any of the thousands of strike pack & mnk adapter cheaters on console, never."

It's clear console players feel as if the devs are only focused on banning those using third-party software, and have given up on cracking down on hardware cheaters completely.

Why are strikepacks so hard for Apex Legends to detect?

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Ultimately, strikepacks are significantly harder for the Apex Legends anti-cheat to detect because there's no backend software being used to make them function.

As a strikepack is a physical piece of hardware, the only way to hand out bans would be to set up a system that tracks players' inputs and looks for inconsistencies.

This wouldn't be an easy system to set up and for now, it's clear the devs at Respawn do not have that in place just yet.

We'll have to hope that the anti-cheat gets another upgrade in the near future, but for now, the number of strikepack users appears to be growing.

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