Absurdly OP Apex Legends Ranked exploit is boosting players to Pred

Absurdly OP Apex Legends Ranked exploit is boosting players to Pred
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Alex Garton


28th Aug 2023 15:00

Last season Apex Legends Ranked was in a rough spot and received a huge amount of criticism from players and pros alike.

Whether it was Christopher 'Sweetdreams' Sexton reaching Pred while dealing no damage or the abundance of hackers, it's safe to say improvements were desperately needed.

That's where Season 18 came into play, adding a variety of changes in an attempt to upgrade the competitive mode.

While definitely helping, a new issue has begun to plague Ranked, and it involves an exploit that's boosting players to Predator.

OP Apex Legends Ranked exploit is boosting players to Pred

Taking to Twitter on August 26, former Apex Legends Jacob 'HisWattson' McMillin showcased an exploit that's making it easy for players to boost to Predator.

Averaging a "100+ RP per game," the boosters simply sit in the storm outside of the ring and constantly use Med Kits to survive and reach a high placement.

According to Wattson, the strategy involves a Lifeline and a Loba who farm meds from around the map and heal to survive. While the final member tends to be a Crypto, who acts as a scout to ensure the squad never run into any enemies.

"When round 3 pops Crypto and Loba drop all their meds and Lifeline can survive all the way until round 6 starts closing. It basically guarantees them +100 RP without shooting their guns."

How does Respawn fix the Ranked exploit?

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HisWattson has warned the Respawn team that "you can easily hit Pred with this strat," and as a result, it "needs to be hotfixed."

In terms of solutions, the devs could alter the ring damage or even the amount of health medkits restore when used outside the zone, but these all have major consequences for other players.

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes Respawn to act on this exploit and remove it from the game, as it could be a tough problem to solve.

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