Nadeshot hits out at FaZe star for ‘stat padding’

Nadeshot hits out at FaZe star for ‘stat padding’
LA Thieves | Atlanta FaZe

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Jack Marsh


2nd Jun 2023 10:10

Atlanta FaZe is widely considered to be the third-best Call of Duty team of all time, if not higher, rivalling the OpTic and compLexity dynasties of old that created the benchmark for greatness.

But after winning just one event in the last two years (the Champs curse proved too harsh through the Vanguard season and just one trophy secured at Major 2 in Modern Warfare 2), the jury has begun to scrutinise FaZe for losing so many Grand Finals.

After losing yet another Final at Major V, with New York Subliners taking home the spoils, a Call of Duty legend has now taken a swipe at one of FaZe's most beloved players, as Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag has claimed McArthur "Cellium" Jovel needs to change his play style.

Nadeshot calls out Cellium for padding stats in Major events

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Although Atlanta FaZe has only won one event since winning the Cold War World Championships, the squad has reached the top three on every occasion, with five second-place finishes and a further four bronze medals.

But Nadeshot has now claimed that Cellium might be the reason that FaZe is not getting over the line more often, as he plays for a high kill-to-death ratio instead of playing on the objectives.

Speaking on his latest "Nadeshot Knows" Podcast episode, where he also discussed the wider FaZe Clan and Grace Van Dien drama, Nadeshot called out Cellium, saying that "something has got to give."

"You can not be walking out of a series where you lose, and they have lost in the finals a couple of times over the past two years, and this guy is walking out of there with like a 1.3 KD."

"Something is wrong with your gameplay," he adds.

Nadeshot claims Cellium needs to change his playstyle in Finals

With Nadeshot's LA Thieves team bowing out early in Major V, there was plenty to analyse about Atlanta FaZe, and Nadeshot has now claimed that Cellium has to stop worrying about his K/D stats and scrub up on objectives, especially in Search and Destroy.

"From my experience playing, there is a time and place to worry about stats," Nadeshot added.

On the flip side, Nadeshot pointed out that New York Subliners were heavily outplayed in the kill department, but their objective play proved to be pivotal.

"Priestahh has a .78 in the series, he was negative 40 kills, but they won the tournament," he says.

Only the Major V MVP in Paco "HyDra" Rusiewiez managed a positive K/D for Subliners, with Matthew "KiSMET" Tinsley and Cesar "Skyz" Bueno also going negative throughout the 4-3 series win.

Cellium fans have been quick to leap to his defence, saying that he is a perfect flex behind FaZe's SMG duo, always picking up trades, but maybe there is some truth in Nadeshot's claims if they continue to lose pivotal matches. 

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