MW3 Zombies leak hints disconnection protection is coming

MW3 Zombies leak hints disconnection protection is coming
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Alex Garton


5th Dec 2023 12:55

The thrill of Modern Warfare 3's Zombies mode comes with collecting items from the undead wasteland and extracting out of the Urzikstan with all the loot in hand.

This high-risk, high-reward gameplay loop is extremely addictive, as it makes players question whether they should stay a little longer to secure more rewards or get out while they still have the chance.

Unfortunately, this process has been plagued by disconnections and crashes for a lot of players - which has led to them losing everything they earned in a match.

As a result, there have been countless demands for Treyarch to add disconnection protection for items, and a recent leak indicates it has heard the feedback.

MW3 devs are working on a way to keep items after disconnection

As reported by MrDalexJD, Treyarch is reportedly working on a way to "keep items after being disconnected" or crashing out of a match.

With certain loot being immensely rare in Operation Deadbolt and taking hours of work to find, losing it all from a pesky disconnection can be infuriating for competitors.

This is especially true when the crash or glitch isn't their fault. MW3 Zombies has already experienced some major bugs, including Doghouses insta-killing players and a bizarre issue that's turning them into mimics.

A solution from Treyarch would be music to the ears of the community, who can finally farm rare items without the risk of a crash or disconnection ruining it all. However, there are two sides to this, and the potential for this feature to be abused is already being discussed.

Will this feature be abused in MW3 Zombies?

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The immediate reaction to this news from some MW3 players has been theorising how this feature can be used to their advantage. If this is implemented, certain competitors are already revealing that they plan to pull the plug on their internet when they're surrounded by zombies.

If this is possible, it means there is no risk to any Operation Deadbolt match, and it may take the fun out of it completely. Whether Treyarch can distinguish a real disconnection from a deliberate one is a mystery, but you can guarantee this will be abused if the devs are not one step ahead.

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