MW3 Zombies Doghouse glitch is insta-killing players

MW3 Zombies Doghouse glitch is insta-killing players
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Alex Garton


29th Nov 2023 13:45

Open-world Zombies with a DMZ twist wasn't exactly what a lot of Call of Duty fans had in mind when Sledgehammer announced Modern Warfare 3 would have an undead mode.

The lack of a round-based system initially caused widespread outrage, but following the release of Operation Deadbolt, the community's opinion of Zombies has been surprisingly positive.

That doesn't mean the mode doesn't have its issues, with players turning into mimics, and now, a bug that's executing players in the blink of an eye.

MW3 Zombies Doghouse is executing players

For those who are unaware, Doghouses in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies allow you to summon a hellhound to fight by your side. The process involves finding chunks of flesh and placing them inside one of the Doghouses scattered across Urzikstan.

Unfortunately for one Reddit user, the process didn't exactly go to plan, with an unintended interaction resulting in their immediate death. For whatever reason, a glitch is randomly causing competitors to be executed when they interact with a Doghouse in Zombies.

In round-based, this would be slightly frustrating, but in Operation Deadbolt where deaths have serious consequences, it's a major issue. Players are carrying valuable items they've spent hours earning, so this would be enough to make anyone consider uninstalling.

Treyarch dev confirms fix is coming with MW3 Season 1

Dogs Modern Warfare 3 Zombies
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The post wasn't up for long before a Treyarch dev decided to reply, revealing that "We should have a fix for this coming in Season 1." For reference, Season 1 begins on December 6, so players may want to avoid Doghouses if they're holding valuable items until that date.

While glitches are never fun to experience, it's at least positive to see Treyarch maintaining good communication with the fanbase.

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