Bizarre MW3 Zombies glitch is turning players into Mimics

Bizarre MW3 Zombies glitch is turning players into Mimics
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Jack Marsh


29th Nov 2023 11:44

Although Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is being hailed, now that players have actually allowed themselves to give the non-round-based mode a go, maybe there is one thing missing: Turned.

Long-time fans of the franchise might remember Turned as the mode where you became the zombies, flipping the script to hunt down your friends.

Well, now there's apparently a Turned mode being glitched into Modern Warfare 3, as players are turning into Mimics.

Zombies players are warping into Mimics thanks to weird Zombies glitch

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Having been operating alone on the final mission of Act 2 in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, one player has reported a glitch to Reddit where they turned into a Mimic after an encounter with the demonic creature.

The player was grappled into the Mimic and after hitting it with Cyro Freeze, they actually warped into the beast.

They weren't the only player to come across this, as another fan claimed the combination of Cyro Freeze and the Mimic grapple physically changed them into a zombie.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies' Mimic glitch is completely ruining the mode


What's most annoying about this glitch is that the DMZ-based game will not allow you to exfil whilst inside a Mimic. Well, it might be possible, but there's no chance you'd be able to survive zombies without a weapon in hand.

"I stayed stuck inside, there was no hope of escape as I was solo in the story mission. I was praying my deadbolt turret was still active but it wasn’t, RIP," the Redditor said.

Instead, this glitch means your game is over, and that was the case for both reported users, as you lose all progression and everything that you took into the world.

Hopefully, this doesn't happen to you with a Ray Gun in your backpack.

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