MW3 Zombies fans are desperate for reconnect option

MW3 Zombies fans are desperate for reconnect option
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Alex Garton


30th Nov 2023 11:35

A DMZ-style Zombies mode may have not been what the community requested, but it's what Modern Warfare 3 delivered.

Despite backlash at first, Call of Duty fans have grown to enjoy Operation Deadbolt since its release, with countless players taking on undead hordes in Urzikstan.

One of the most exciting aspects of MW3 Zombies is the extract mechanic and having to escape with the items you've earned. Of course, to support a high-risk, high-reward, mode, it's key that the servers are stable - that hasn't been the case.

As a result, Zombies players are begging the devs for a reconnect feature after losing massive amounts of progress to crashes.

MW3 Zombies players beg Treyarch for a reconnect feature

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user RainOfJustice decided to voice their frustration and beg Treyarch for a reconnect option in Zombies after losing a huge amount of progress and items.

"I cannot for the life of me understand why the game CRASHING results in me losing all my hard-earned gear... let us at least reconnect to our dead bodies and call other players for a revive or something, people who've experienced this don't want to play MWZ anymore."

This isn't an isolated issue, with countless other players making it clear that these "terrible" crashes need to be fixed, or the fun of the mode is completely compromised. If that wasn't enough, Doghouses are insta-killing players, and there's even a glitch turning competitors into Mimics, which forces them to quit.

"Thanks for bringing more awareness to this terrible issue, we should be allowed to rejoin our current match in progress and spawn with everything we had."

Zombies fans suggest Tombstone perk buff to protect against crashes

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Instead of just complaining, Zombies fans do have a potential solution for the devs that involves buffing the Tombstone perk.

In their opinion, this perk should be active for everyone, and at least if you die, you have an opportunity to get your items back if you're careful. "At this point, they should just make the tombstone perk on everyone and if you disconnect it acts as a death so you can AT LEAST attempt to get your s**t back."

Of course, that opens up a can of worms for disconnects, and the potential to abuse the system when you're about to die by pulling out your internet cord. This likely means the devs won't consider this option, but either way, the nonstop crashes have got to stop.

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