MW3 ramps up the movement mechanics and fans are ecstatic

MW3 ramps up the movement mechanics and fans are ecstatic
Sledgehammer Games

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Jack Marsh


14th Sep 2023 16:09

The main critique of Modern Warfare 2 was the pacing. It was slow, lethargic, tactile, and plainly a little bit of a snoozefest at times. Movement was slashed into the ground and players were forced to crouch walk to be silent.

But this is Call of Duty, not Counter-Strike, and players firmly believe that they shouldn't be punished for moving quickly.  Sledgehammer Games apparently agrees with this sentiment though, and with Modern Warfare 3 on the cards, a first glimpse at the game has fans giddy.

Sledgehammer Games confirms movement speed has been buffed for Modern Warfare 3

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Sledgehammer Games, the leader developers for MW3, has showcased its first look at the gameplay, highlighting the remastered 2009 maps in their new glory, and offered fans a taste of what is in store when the beta comes around next month.

Straight off the bat, fans immediately noticed that Modern Warfare 3 is quick. Mantling appears to be much crisper, meaning that players can move vertically and over objects much faster, base movement seems to be equally as fast, and the developers even eluded to more.

Taking to Twitter, the developers said, "Movement FEELS even better than it looks," which is a keen indicator of how things will be perceived by players.

Modern Warfare 3 fans love the new movement changes

With these changes becoming apparent for Modern Warfare 3, fans have quickly heaped praise on the shoulders of Sledgehammer Games.

"Thank you for making the movement and mantling a lot faster," said one fan. Another added, "This looks like a mixture of MW19 and VG movement. I can't f**king wait." With Sledgehammer looking like it's had a kick up the backside in terms of movement, MW3 could be the fastest CoD yet.

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