MW3 fans excited for new visuals after Shroud’s criticism goes viral

MW3 fans excited for new visuals after Shroud’s criticism goes viral
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Jack Marsh


13th Sep 2023 12:09

Call of Duty has one of the biggest player counts known to the gaming industry, across all platforms and all titles, with more ways to play than any other franchise.

Whether it be classic games on your old Xbox 360, or the fresh-faced Modern Warfare 3 beta with a break-neck monitor and mouse, Call of Duty holds a place for anyone.

But Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek believes that the Call of Duty franchise punishes mouse and keyboard players, and while this might be currently true, other fans of the shooter series have noticed that Modern Warfare 3 might be changing this one key critique.

Shroud claims Call of Duty visuals punish mouse and keyboard players

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Shroud took to his stream to confess why he doesn't play Warzone anymore, and instead would prefer to dabble in something like Halo, should the console FPS category come calling.

"CoD just needs a little bit more depth for me to really enjoy it," Shroud said on-stream. "By that, I mean like depth when shooting gun."

The elite streamer pointed out that the visual recoil and gun smoke make it almost impossible to win gunfights against controller players. 

"The game is a f**king monstrosity. It’s a plague for mouse and keyboard. It is, by definition, a terrible shooting game for mouse and keyboard. When you shoot in that game, your screen is covered with bulls**t. You can’t even see what you’re shooting at. You know what that means? You can’t play on mouse and keyboard."

This might also indicate why there is a wealth more of SMG players on MnK, rather than ARs, as they find it easier on closer engagements, given the visuals won't impair smaller targets.

However, this might not be the case for too much longer.

Modern Warfare 3 fans excited by new visuals


Following the Modern Warafre 3 reveal, fans have noticed that the smoke and recoil appear to have been minimised, even in the campaign, which breeds positivity for the multilayer hopefuls.

"Can actually see what you’re shooting at," said part-time Warzone advocate slash NBA analyst Kevin O'Connor.

"Oh wow, no 10 square feet worth of smoke every time you shoot one round! These 2 guns seem pretty stable too. Finally," said another fan.

The increased visibility now might make all kinds of Call of Duty players be have viable means of winning gunfights, which will be a breath of fresh air if we can keep PC players off cheats too.

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