MW2 Ranked players find useful way to avoid hackers

MW2 Ranked players find useful way to avoid hackers
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Jack Marsh


7th Mar 2023 16:58

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked is a success. It's arguably the best Ranked system Call of Duty has ever had, even topping Black Ops 2's League Play - which is no mean feat.

However, there's a glaring problem that has begun to occur at the higher ranks, and it's the same conundrum that has stumped CoD for the last three years. Cheaters.

Hackers have taken over the competition in Ranked, with higher-ELO players claiming nearly 60% of their games are being infiltrated by someone with walls. Now though, there's finally a way to avoid them.

Hackers have taken over MW2 Ranked

With many pros slamming the mode for harbouring hackers - and Ricochet anti-cheat failing to pick them up - there seems to be a real problem as players get over the Platinum to Diamond border.

Atlanta FaZe head coach and Search and Destroy specialist James "Crowder" Crowder has claimed nearly every six in ten games is ruined by a hacker.

Crowder joins the likes of Brandon "Dashy" Otell and Seth "Scump" Abner in being vocal about the glaring hacker problems. But now, it appears there's a way to avoid them entirely.

MW2 Ranked players find methods to avoid hacker lobbies

Unfortunately, there's no avoiding hackers once the lobbies have been formed. However, content creator "Aromaa" has apparently found a way to leave the pre-game lobbies and avoid renowned hackers.

The Ranked player has discovered that you can select the "Game Channel" section in the Social Tab, click on the settings cog, and the "Leave Match" option will be available. It should allow you to finally leave cheat-ridden lobbies.

Obviously, this method only works if you know that a cheater is in your lobby, presumably because of their reputation or having faced them in previous games. 

This trick also gives the hackers the 60-second Match Cancelled countdown, which in itself is furious and could push them to turn off their walls if they cannot play the game. 

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