MW2 Fans Plead Developers To Remove Last Stand Perk

MW2 Fans Plead Developers To Remove Last Stand Perk
Infinity Ward

Written by 

Jack Marsh


7th Feb 2023 15:59

A decade ago, it was all fun and games when you could pistol-whip players from the ground after going on a punishing death streak, or even dropping a grenade on your corpse with martyrdom and mocking your sweaty enemies.

But nowadays, these post-death antics are proving to be quite meddlesome and players feel like they don't belong in the modern Call of Duty experience.

Specifically, players want to see the back of the "last stand" mimic that is Survivor in Modern Warfare 2, which has already been modified for Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Survivor Perk Is Proving To Be Ridiculous

Survivor has been wormed into the Ultimate perk category in Modern Warfare 2 and offers players the chance to revive themselves after being shot when they would usually be heading to the respawn screen. 

However, it occurs once every life, meaning players are having to finish off downed enemies after nearly every kill in the late stages of games, and it's proving to be quite a joke.

Operating on a Shoot House free-for-all, the player in the clip should have walked away with five easy kills. Instead, they were marooned to killing their enemies twice, ultimately causing their demise when caught unnecessarily reloading.

MW2 Players Want Survivor Nerfed 

One of the main problems is that the perk can be used in every life but also negates both longshot medals and headshots, which are vital parts of players' Orion camo grind. 

Some players theorised that headshots and melees should be a hard counter to the perk, claiming it shouldn't be activated for a kill to the head.

Others say that it should go back to its roots and only activate after a number of consecutive deaths, allowing for a way back into the game in harder lobbies.

The perk did get adjusted in Warzone though, taking away its self-revive qualities in favour of live-pinging the player who killed you.

Many perks are in the firing line in Season 2, maybe Survivor might be on the cards for a change already...

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