MW2 Fans Notice Multiplayer Map Has Been Remastered From CoD: 1

MW2 Fans Notice Multiplayer Map Has Been Remastered From CoD: 1

Written by 

Jack Marsh


8th Nov 2022 13:37

We all know that Infinity Ward loves to churn out recycled content, but unlike previous years, the Modern Warfare series developers have chosen to dig so far back into the archives. their original content is older than the majority of its player count.

It's been well documented that there is set to be a "Greatest Hits" DLC that will be served up on an expensive platter, which will feature many of Call of Duty's best maps in one place.

In the meantime, Modern Warfare 2 has cleverly sprinkled in old-school designs. Now, players have figured out that Taraq - arguably one of the worst maps in the game - actually deserves more credit than it is given. It's based on the 20-year-old Neuville.

MW2's Taraq Is A Remaster Of CoD: 1 Map Neuville

Following on from the genius inclusion of Pavlov's House in Farm 18, fans on Reddit have quickly identified that the layout of Taraq is the same as Neuville from the original Call of Duty.

The original material was first released in 2003, and although it's more farm-based in the World War II shooter, its Middle-Eastern re-skin still focuses on the same blueprints.

As Reddit user "LeichtStaff" shows, the two maps centralise around the middle alley, with the house, store, and bookshop closing in the middle section of the map. Similarly, the Eastern fountain, North-Westernly located school, and the Southern bank, broken wall, and offices are also exact replications of the original Neuville.  

Fans Love MW2's Cleverly Remastered Maps

"Holy sh*t. This is a nostalgia bomb," said one fan on Reddit, before recalling 17-year-old memories. "Back then you could throw grenades across the whole map and we would spend our weekends looking for the best spots to pixel-nade the bomb spots," they added.

Taraq isn't the most popular of maps in MW2, given that the game has moved on significantly from that in 2003 and the wide-open lanes are less popular now than back then, but players have admired Infinity Ward's ambition and dothed their hats to the nostalgia trip. 

Although a few buildings have been altered, this rendition of a Call of Duty 1 map only opens up more possibilities for the franchise's trip down memory lane. Ah, sweet nostalgia.

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