Modern Warfare 3 players are refusing to pre-order the game

Modern Warfare 3 players are refusing to pre-order the game
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Megan Cooke


15th Sep 2023 19:56

Modern Warfare players are sceptical of buying the game at launch after feeling like recent Call of Duty launches have not been very good.

With Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon, fans of the franchise have been discussing whether or not they will be purchasing the next game at launch, with many saying that they would not be.

Modern Warfare players seem wary of buying the new game at launch

In a post on Reddit, user u/BLAZE_BLADER_09 polled people on the r/CallOfDuty subreddit about whether or not they should buy the next Call of Duty game.

At the time of writing, the poll results are overwhelmingly negative, with 129 votes for yes and 234 for no.

The comments under the post are equally negative. One user said: “Personally I wouldn't pre-order it because it might be a mess at launch.” Another said: “From what I've seen, to me it doesn't seem like a complete game yet.”

Some commenters advised the original poster to test out the beta when it launches in October to get a feel for the game, stating that anyone saying yes or no at this stage doesn’t actually know what the game will be like.

Previous launches have had problems including crashing, missing features and servers not being able to load, which have culminated in some fans losing faith in the franchise.

Not everyone is waiting to play Modern Warfare 3

However, many players do still intend to play Modern Warfare 3 on launch day when it finally releases in November.

On Twitter, content creator Chaosxsilencer asked his followers whether they would be playing Modern Warfare 3 on launch day, to much more positive responses.

“Yup, so far the changes look great,” one user said. “I never disliked MW2, I just learned to adapt and accept the bad and good.”

Another user said: “Of course. Hopping into that early access campaign.”

It is likely that more information about Modern Warfare 3 will be revealed at Call of Duty: Next in October, so we may have to wait until then to get a better idea of what the newest franchise instalment will bring.

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