Modern Warfare 3 could cost $40

Modern Warfare 3 could cost $40
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Jack Marsh


15th Aug 2023 16:50

Call of Duty fans have been fleeced out of their hard-earned cash every year for the past two decades, with prices on the rise with every orbit of the sun.

Premium prices for Call of Duty games have been reaching prices of up to $100 for Vault Editions, nearly three times the price of what we could have got Black Ops 1 for back in the day.

Now though, it seems like we might be getting Modern Warfare 3 on the cheap, as the trilogy title could be available for as little as $40.

Modern Warfare 3 showing as $40 on Steam, via glitch


According to one leak found on Twitter, Steam currently has a placeholder of $36 for Modern Warfare 3, indicating that the "coming soon" title might be significantly cheaper than previous games.

This comes in the wake of Call of Duty moving away from annual games and heading towards yearly of DLCs.

The original post shows the price on Steam (which has been found through a glitch given that it has yet to have been officially added) as AUS$54.95, which translates to roughly worth $36. We know the main game is coming with a premium $70 price tag, so what's going on here?

Could Modern Warfare 3 be discounted for MW2 owners?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition
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The leak also suggests that this could be the fee for pre-existing Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition holders, despite this not actually being a part of the original offer. 

Many people have claimed that placeholders are simply what they say on the tin, just a holder to be changed at a later date, but it is weird that Steam is showing it. Not everyone was sold on the idea, as one sceptic wrote, "This sounds extremely generous that I call bullsh*t xD!"

Someone else thinks they've cracked the mystery, suggesting that MW3 is both a DLC AND a standalone release (bear with us). They highlighted how Halo 3 ODST was meant as a DLC and then evolved into its own game that included the Halo 3 multiplayer. 

This could also be an additional fee, as Modern Warfare 3 has been leaked to have all of the 2009 MW2 maps available for multiplayer at launch. Maybe it's a fee set in stone for a throwback pack too? Either way, we're waiting for Activision's official reveal to clear up the confusion. 

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