Modern Warfare 3 fans mock Vault Edition poster

Modern Warfare 3 fans mock Vault Edition poster
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Harry Boulton


14th Aug 2023 13:40

It seems Call of Duty fans aren't too happy with the Vault Edition branding ahead of Modern Warfare 3's release, with many thinking that Activision should have opted for a different, more sentimental angle for the game.

In particular, one poster, seems to have taken a fair amount of stray hits. There's a growing distaste toward the price and design itself. While it does feel a little dramatic to be up in arms over a simple poster, it can be construed as a wider problem in the Call of Duty franchise right now.

Fans aren't too happy with the MW3 Vault Edition poster

Image of the Vault Edition poster for Modern Warfare 3
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A new poster is available for purchase to celebrate the Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition announcement, but it hasn't received the warmest of welcomes from the Call of Duty community.

Featuring a ruby-coloured snake slithering through the mouth and eyes of a skull, the Vault Edition poster will set you back $25 if you pick it up from the official Call of Duty shop

It is fairly big, coming in at 16.5" x 23.4", and features special adhesive allowing you to reposition it without issue - but many players might feel like repositioning it into a cupboard where they can't see it.

"I remember when posters used to be free…" one commenter remarked, with another stating, "I'll make my own poster for 25 cents let alone $25." A third concluded, "Money is the only motivation of Activision. We are not considerated as players, for them we are just customers."

While the design might be inoffensive at worst, it is the price that seems to have turned people off the most - especially considering the fact that it ties in with a version of the game that you will already need to pay more for.

Should the Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition have a different name?

It also appears as if Activision has missed the perfect branding opportunity by opting for the Vault Edition again, as the release of Modern Warfare 3 will mark 20 years since the first Call of Duty game.

Many fans complained last year that the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2 stood for very little and had no staying power, so it would be the perfect opportunity to throw things back to where it all began two decades ago here.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to anniversary content, with so many weapon skins, operators, and plenty more that could be created to commemorate a birthday as big as this.

We will have to wait and see whether Activision does eventually acknowledge the anniversary, but hopefully, it will tie in with some exciting items if it does eventually come to exist.

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