Is Verdansk coming back in MW3? Classic map spotted in teaser

Is Verdansk coming back in MW3? Classic map spotted in teaser
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11th Aug 2023 15:25

An MW3 Verdansk return is the ultimate dream for a lot of the Call of Duty community, who have been desperate to dive back down onto the classic map since it was destroyed back in December, 2021.

With the new title in the CoD franchise confirmed to be releasing on November 10, 2023, a chance to take a trip back into Verdansk would certainly elevate the MW3 experience.

So, let's check out everything we know about the return of the map, and whether Verdansk is coming back in MW3.

Will Verdansk be in Modern Warfare 3?

Yes, it seems Verdansk will be featured in MW3, most likely as a location at some point in the game's campaign or potentially even as an Outbreak map.

This was revealed in the Modern Warfare 3 teaser film that briefly showcased clips of post-nuked Verdansk between scenes of the title's main villain, Makarov.

There's also speculation given Makarov's history in the franchise, that a new "No Russian" mission may be featured in MW3's Verdansk, but we'll just have to see wait and see.

Of course, the biggest question for fans surrounding Verdansk is the map's connection with Warzone and whether there's that it will return to the Battle Royale at some point in the future.

Is Verdansk coming back to Warzone 2?

Verdansk Warzone
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Unfortunately, there's no indication that Verdansk is set to return to Warzone 2 any time soon. Leakers have only uncovered that the classic location will be arriving on upcoming CoD mobile title, but a lot of fans are not keen on revisiting the map with a handheld device.

A chance to visit Verdansk in MW3 could open up the possibility for reintroduction into Warzone at some point, but it's clear that's not on the cards for the devs at the moment.

Instead, Warzone 2 players should be expecting the leaked Las Almas map before the end of 2023 which is definitely exciting, but it certainly doesn't hold the same weight as a Verdansk return in Warzone 2.

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