Modern Warfare 2 Players Call Out 'Horrible' Spawning Mechanics

Modern Warfare 2 Players Call Out 'Horrible' Spawning Mechanics
Images: Infinity Ward

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Joseph Kime


5th Dec 2022 13:14

Modern Warfare 2 is starting to feel more comfortable to players now, as it exits the honeymoon phase of being the brand-new Call of Duty and becomes the generation's current shoot-em-up experience.

Though fans are still loving the shooter, there are a few things that need to be considered about the ongoing experience.

We weren't sure about the multiplayer game, and it looks like some are still in need of convincing, with specific features sorely disappointing them. And one of those features is getting players killed over, and over, and over.

What's Wrong With Modern Warfare 2's Spawning Mechanics?

Though complaints of a "spawn-die" spawning structure in Call of Duty are nothing new, some fans are incredibly frustrated with the spawning in Modern Warfare 2 - claiming that something needs to be done to fix them, especially as we're now a month from the game's launch.

Players have taken to Reddit to air their dirty laundry with Modern Warfare 2, with one user sharing a video that indicates just how rough the game's spawning can be.

The player respawns in Shoot House just in front of one player who's just moved behind the spawning spot, leaving them open to being killed no more than a second after touching down in-game again.

It's a rough video to watch, and though we've seen spawning problems in the game before, you'd hope that such a problem wouldn't exist by now.

Players React To Modern Warfare 2's Spawning Problems

Call of Duty fans have seen their opportunity and taken to the video's comments to express their frustrations with the spawning systems in Modern Warfare 2.

"Shoot House has always had horrible spawns but this game takes it to a whole other level of garbage," says one commenter. 

"My theory is that something breaks the spawning code," suggests another. "Like it works on some matches, then it seems like something breaks and it loses its ability to smart spawn. There's just such a stark contrast."

It's bizarre to see that the problems are still persistent in Call of Duty, as for all of the issues that the franchise has had, this may be the oldest. Infinity Ward has a lot of cleaning up to do.

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