Modern Warfare 2 Invisible Wall Glitch Is Breaking Shoot House

Modern Warfare 2 Invisible Wall Glitch Is Breaking Shoot House
Images: Infinity Ward

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Joseph Kime


18th Nov 2022 16:13

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been a pretty uniform experience for the most part, and that's saying something for a game that shares its DNA with another.

Modern Warfare 2's inescapable connection to Warzone 2.0 has led to the assumption that the two  games are atmospherically interchangeable, but that couldn't be further from the truth in all but one department. The glitches.

It's hard to keep up a modern game without glitches seeping through the cracks, but Call of Duty is particularly partial to letting them run amok. And now, an invisible wall glitch is breaking one MW2 map.

Shoot House Has A Huge Invisible Wall Glitch

The latet Modern Warfare 2 glitch is making the beloved Shoot House map almost unplayable, with giant invisible walls blocking bullets and projectiles passing through it.

The glitch was first flagged on Reddit by a video posted by user Perzonic to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, which sees the player firing down a corridor for the bullets to simply bounce off of… nothing. They even throw a charge at it, and it sits in mid-air.

"3 years, 3000 staff. On a copy paste map," says one commenter. "Looks good to me." "What are these devs smoking damn!" comments another.

"This game's release has a crazy amount of bugs this time around, they must be getting complacent." Either way, in a game that has done pretty well to avoid the usual complaints, it's starting to look a bit like Warzone

When Will Call Of Duty Fix The Invisible Wall Glitch?

It's hard to tell when we're likely to see a fix for this problem, as Infinity Ward's public Trello board of known problems is long and extensive. Here's hoping that in a week's time, the issue will be tidied up a little bit.

It's alarming that a AAA game with a AAA price tag still sufferers from problems like this, but at this stage, Call of Duty fans that have stuck with the franchise for a few years have sadly come to expect things like this, in Warzone especially. Yikes.

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