Modern Warfare 2 Grand Prix Map To Feature In Multiplayer Beta Test

Modern Warfare 2 Grand Prix Map To Feature In Multiplayer Beta Test

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Jack Marsh


8th Aug 2022 13:55

As the red font of Vanguard turns into the green tones of Modern Warfare 2, it's lights out and away we go! Racing off the grid into the first Hardpoint hill, one with an SMG up close while another goes wide to cut in from the side, but wait, what's this? Someone's brought an RPG to the race, and it's all chaos here down at the Marina Grand Prix.

That's what you can expect from Modern Warfare 2, as Infinity Ward has come up with one of the most ambitious maps ever, and you'll be able to play it sooner, rather than later.

Following a range of leaks that a Formula 1 map will be coming to Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward has now revealed that the first multiplayer map that you'll be able to play is their own take on an F1 racetrack.

Marina Grand Prix Revealed As First Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Map

With many maps leaked for Modern Warfare 2, including remasters of Quarry, Favela, and Terminal, the developers have now unveiled the Marina Grand Prix map as the first confirmed multiplayer landscape. 

Based on a Formula 1 track, where active racecars will be flying around the outskirts of the arena, players will have to operate through the pit lanes and garages to avoid enemy fire.

None of the racecars, as of yet, have featured real-life brands, although the extremely hyped-up map could also serve as a potential deal-breaker for sponsorships and/or Formula 1-based collaborations and skin lines.


Modern Warfare 2 Beta Will Feature The Marina Grand Prix Map

After revealing the dates for the Modern Warfare 2 beta, during the Call of Duty League World Championships Grand Final between Atlanta FaZe and Los Angeles Thieves, Infinity Ward then went on to confirm that the 6v6 race circuit will be playable in the beta.

The social media admin has already begun building bridges between the Call of Duty realm and that of Formula 1 too, given that their announcement was somewhat familiar to the biggest news of the F1 season so far.

Mimicking the drama of Alpine Esports and their reserve driver Oscar Piastri (where Alpine sent out an incorrect press release regarding his future, when Piastri was set to leave the team), the Call of Duty social media post went down a treat with F1 fans. 

No other multiplayer maps have been announced for the beta yet, although it's likely we might see one or two more added to the pool in the coming weeks.

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