Microsoft And Nintendo Partnership 'Leaked' For 2021

Microsoft And Nintendo Partnership 'Leaked' For 2021

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Tom Chapman


12th Apr 2021 15:25

Cats and dogs, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, Batman and the Joker. While the world is full of enemies and rivals, the gaming industry is no exception. Even if the rivalry between Microsoft and Nintendo isn't as fierce as the rumbling tensions between Microsoft and Sony, the two powerhouses are definitely jostling for pole position. Now, the latest "leaks" claim the pair could put their differences aside and unite for a massive Microsoft and Nintendo partnership for the ages.

Gaming buffs will remember that back in the day, Microsoft tried to enter the console market by offering to buy Nintendo. Things didn't exactly go well, and legend has it, Nintendo execs simply laughed. The original plan was for Microsoft to build hardware for Nintendo games, but with the House that Mario built unconvinced, Microsoft was forced to go it alone. All these years later, the big three of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have the Xbox X/S, Switch, and PS5.


What is the Microsoft and Nintendo partnership?

According to notable leaker Shpeshal Ed, a collab between these gaming giants is coming later this year. Simply writing, "The cat seems to be out of the bag on Nintendo and Xbox. You'll hear more in the fall", Ed doesn't offer up any more details on what's coming. Even if we shouldn't hold out for a massive merger between this dynamic duo, the potential of any partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo is sure to be massive.

The Twitterverse soon exploded with ideas of what it could be. After a boom of news surrounding the Xbox Game Pass and adding Bethesda games as part of the ZeniMax Media acquisition, the general consensus is that the subscription service will arrive on Nintendo Switch. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has repeatedly said he wants to get Game Pass on as many platforms as possible, meaning a Switch release is entirely plausible. Is this for the best though? Someone rightly pointed out that the more platforms Game Pass is available on, the less reason there is to buy an Xbox. They ranted, "Better not be Gamepass on Nintendo or else RIP to ever owning an Xbox. Lmfao". 


Will there be a Microsoft and Nintendo partnership?

On the whole, there were plenty of comments slamming a potential partnership. One critic wrote, "Hope no xbox already give too much to Nintendo and they give 0 to xbox Gamers. Nintendo should Just change all their server for azure server and that its all", while another added, "Xbox has given things to Nintendo, but Nintendo hasn't given anything to Xbox". Another idea is Master Chief suiting up as a DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. John-117 is one of the most-requested fighters for Nintendo's brawler, with there being plenty of rumours to back it up.

Microsoft properties are no stranger to jumping into the ring for Smash. Both Banjo & Kazooie and Minecraft have added playable characters from their Microsoft-owned franchises, however, is the addition of the face of Halo a step too far? Also, if Master Chief is coming to Smash, it would seem like a bit of an underwhelming way of describing a partnership between both sides. Let's remember that collaborations between big gaming companies don't always work out. Microsoft helped out SEGA with the development of Dreamcast, whereas Sony worked with Nintendo to make a disc version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System - each having their own failures.

Supporters of Game Pass coming to Switch have referenced Nintendo's domination of the Japanese market and Microsoft's inability to break into this lucrative corner of the world with the Xbox. Putting the subscription service on the Switch is a great way to get Microsoft's name out there. However, others have reminded us Nintendo doesn't even let you have Netflix on the Switch. Whether there's something big going on behind the scenes, or we're in for a disappointing announcement, our interest is suitably piqued.


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