Methodz showcases just how broken MW2 spawns are

Methodz showcases just how broken MW2 spawns are
Toronto Ultra | Stevie Hughes | Activision

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Jack Marsh


31st May 2023 17:30

Please, can we have squad spawns back in Call of Duty? Modern Warfare 2019 flipped the script completely for Call of Duty multiplayer, as it removed squad-based spawns in favour of a new system that looks to avoid spawn traps being made with a slightly more sporadic approach. 

However, over the last four years, it's been heavily criticised, and now, Modern Warfare 2 professionals have been stung with the worst set of spawns ever during the CDL Major V. Anthony "Methodz" Zinni has broken it down for us all to see.

Modern Warfare 2's spawn system breaks $500,000 CDL event

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The new sporadic spawn system has mainly been an issue in Hardpoint, which has become the bread and butter game mode for multiplayer games, taking over Domination as the most popular.

So during the Call of Duty Major V, the spawns were up to their usual worst, as Toronto Ultra became victims of a four-point attack on Breengergh Hotel versus Atlanta FaZe, a game which they would go on to lose and be eliminated from the $500,000 event.

With the scores all square going into the final Hardpoint hill in the cafeteria on Hotel, Toronto Ultra broke the FaZe attack with three consecutive kills, which would usually be enough to take control of the game and see it out.

But what happened next was complete pandemonium, as all three players spawned in different locations, nowhere near their final player, allowing for an instantaneous pinch from every direction that was too difficult to read. This let FaZe break in and send Toronto home at their own home series.

Methodz breaks down MW2's horrific spawn system

FaZe's initial push blocked the spawns for Toronto Ultra, as they pushed from both sides of the map, but after three kills, the remaining player was left on his own in "freezer" (the top left of the minimap). 

Usually, players should then spawn on their squad members, given that they were not being blocked. "Let's get into some Ranked play for dummies," Methodz began on his Deep Dive segment on The Breakdown show alongside Seth "Scump" Abner.

"Eight (Cellium) spawns Chandelier, Seven (aBeZy) spawns couches, Five (SlasheR) spawns Kitchen, and One (Scrap) spawns back Kitchen behind them, and this is crunch time in the game," explained an exasperated Scump.

"I cannot make logic of that," added Methodz. "That one's tough". The broken spawns saw FaZe get the crucial tick to take the map 250-242, resulting in them winning the game 3-1, which sent them towards the Grand Final. Unfortunately for them, luck ran out as New York Subliners became champions.

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