This is much more entertaining than road-running.

14:56, 15 Jan 2021

If you're anything like me, Nintendo's previous attempts to make me exercise has only led to three empty tubs of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream and a Harry Potter marathon after their Wii Fit board called me borderline-obese. For a six-foot sports fanatic in medium-sized t-shirts, the broken BMI calculations of Wii Fit only left open wounds. 

Wii Sports had me finding boxing hacks that allowed me to sit down rather than spar all of the Mii, and eventually getting my head knocked off before jumping back on the real athletes' game: golf. 

In fact, their best attempt of keeping me fit was Pokemon Go, which fizzled out faster than that Charizard being hit with Gyarados' Hydro Cannon.

However, Mario Kart's ability to stand the test of time and provide hours of fun against the AI and other friends is a joy, and thanks to Mike Choi of Labo Fit, it will now act as the only form of exercise I'll be able to get my hands on during lockdown version 46.

The Labo Fit Adventure Kart Kit, compatible with Nintendo's Labo system and Ring Con, allows you to pedal your way to victory whilst throwing bananas at Princess Peach. That's what she gets for keeping Mario at an arm's length.


With an exercise bike and Ring-Con as a steering wheel, this method is bound to keep people fit in times where gyms are closed, and beyond.

The beauty of the design resides with the Labo system that reacts from the censors within the bike and the squeezing/tilting of the steering wheel to direct your vehicle and use the boosts.

Unfortunately, the product has yet to be launched for sale and is the sole works of Choi, however, Nintendo would be wise to act fast and get this on the shelves before I resort to wailing my arms in frantic measures to keep a rally going on Wii Tennis.



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Image via Nintendo | LaboFit

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