The latest leaks claim a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021 and will be annouced soon.

10:18, 15 Jan 2021

We always knew 2021 was going to be a huge year for Pokemon. With those adorable Pocket Monsters celebrating 25 years of video games, trading cards, anime, merchandise, and even an (abandoned) theme park, it's time to roll out the yellow carpet for Pikachu and get ready for 12 months of cutesy chaos. As we celebrate this milestone, the latest rumours suggest a major announcement that could see a next-gen addition to the groaning library of games with a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. 

We've come a long way from Japan's original release of Pokemon Red and Green in 1996, with the franchise spawning out across the globe to include everything from Pokemon Yellow to CrystalBlack and White, and Sword and Shield. In the middle of the pack is 2006's Diamond and Pearl, which took players into the fourth generation of Pokemon and allowed you to explore the Sinnoh region for the first time. With fan-favourites including Garchomp, Togekiss, and Mamoswine making their mark, there was also a squad of iconic Legendary Pokemon that included the likes of Regigigas, Giratina, and Dialga.

With a move to Nintendo DS, an improved day and night cycle, and the introduction of Wi-Fi capabilities, Diamond and Pearl went on to outsell their Game Boy Advance counterparts and rightly earn their place as two of the best-selling entries in the franchise's history. So, is it really any surprise they're tipped for a remake in 2021?


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake: What do we know?

According to Pokemon Center, The Pokemon Company is celebrating the 25th anniversary with a February reveal of a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. Added to this, the games will reportedly stick with capture mechanics similar to the earlier games, rather than the modernised approach of recent iterations. If Diamond and Pearl are being remade for Nintendo Switch for a February reveal, it lines up nicely with a rumoured Nintendo Direct on February 27.


A translation from the Spanish site reads: "Pokémon Center can confirm that, according to sources close to the company, remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, originally released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS, are in development for the Nintendo Switch". 

Given that February 27 will make the exact 25-year anniversary of Pokemon, it makes sense The Pokemon Company is holding something back and getting ready for an announcement to solidify its long-running relationship with Nintendo. We've already seen Pokemon Let's Go alongside Sword and Shield, but for those wanting a taste of retro PokemonDiamond and Pearl can satisfy that hunger. Will it end there though? Starting at the mid-point seems like a strange place to pick, however, Diamond and Pearl were preceded by Ruby and Sapphire (which we've already had enhanced versions of) and  FireRed/LeafGreen (which are remakes of Red and Blue). 


Will there be a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake?


Not to be a party pooper, but remember, we have been here before with rumoured Pokemon remakes that have never happened. Then again, there were reports last year that Generation IV would be getting a new lease of life on the Switch. Noted leaker Kelios said Diamond and Pearl remakes could be hitting the Switch in November 2021, which seems a lot more likely with the latest news.

Added to this the URL has been officially registered. It currently leads to an error page, but it's interesting to note that the URL has also been registered. Are the two linked and is this just the start of a smorgasbord of Pokemon gaming announcements coming in 2021. With news of Pokemon Snap and now Diamond and Pearl in the space of just a few days, it looks like Ash Ketchum could be well on the way to catching them all in this anniversary year. 



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