Luke Skywalker Could Finally Be Coming To Fortnite

Luke Skywalker Could Finally Be Coming To Fortnite
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Tom Chapman


23rd Jun 2022 08:58

"I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you." While critics have had enough of hurling lightsabers around the Fortnite map, the rest of us nerf herders can't get enough of getting on our speeders and zooming off to the galaxy far, far away. With no end in sight, could we see the "rise of Skywalker" as Luke Skywalker finally comes to Fortnite?

Although Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has gone under the moniker of Vibin', there's a distinctly Star Wars theme to the story. It might be hard to see how Darth Vader fits with neon raves and rolling around in Baller, but still, The Chosen One has set up camp as a boss battle NPC. Although we've already covered the Fortnite Darth Vader boss battle, you could soon have some help in the form of his son.

Is Luke Skywalker Coming To Fortnite?

According to FNBRintel, Epic Games' 21.10 patch update also added a lightsaber for Luke Skywalker. Most of us were distracted by the fact that the update dropped Vader onto the map, but delving into the files, the code "NPC" is attached to Luke's lightsaber. 

Much like we have to cross swords with Vader, it's implied that Luke could be another boss battle. Then again, given his usually heroic status, he could just as easily be a friendly NPC that's here to help. Darth Vader is much like The Foundation, and as a notoriously difficult fight, something like a lightsaber could come in handy. If Luke jumps off the Battle Bus, we imagine you'd be able to buy a lightsaber off him and take on Vader in classic Star Wars style.

As with all these crossovers, it's doubtful Epic would want to miss the opportunity to sell some skins. Vader is on the final page of the Battle Pass and can only be earned by grinding through the levels, but Luke is likely to appear in the shop as well as an NPC. A Luke Skywalker bundle would presumably feature his signature blade, an emote, and what about a Yoda Back Bling to honour his training in The Empire Strikes Back


Are More Star Wars Characters Coming To Fortnite?

It remains to be seen what comes with the rest of Chapter 3 Season 3, although, we're expecting the usual midseason refresh. Before the season even came out, there were wild rumours that The Daily Bugle would be swapped out for Darth Vader's castle on Mustafar. The Spider-Man POI seems a little out of place here, but while we'd love to storm Vader's imposing fortress, we're not sure it will happen.

Elsewhere, there are continued reports Luke Skywalker will be joined by his BFFs, Han Solo and Leia Organa in Fortnite. Trusted leaker ShiinaBR says that Luke could be joined by Han and Leia. The leak comes from 4chan (not the forum), who correctly leaked the current Battle Pass and Naruto collab. Sadly, a mention of 2023 seems like a missed opportunity given the current Star Wars smorgasbord. Also, can we have a #JusticeforChewie, please? 

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