LEGO Knights of the Old Republic is the perfect Star Wars game

LEGO Knights of the Old Republic is the perfect Star Wars game
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10th Jul 2023 16:50

Fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have been starved for too long. BioWare's 2003 game isn't just a brilliant example of a Star Wars game, it's generally held as one of the best video games of all time. So, shouldn't we give it the justice it deserves? 

The reveal of the classic Star Wars RPG's remake absolutely rocked its fans, but since then, it has been stuck in a rut akin to development hell, and fans are growing more and more concerned by the day that it could never see the light of day.

In the meantime, fans of the galaxy far, far away could do with something of a distraction - and it looks like one (considerably more unofficial) remake could fill the gap.

Fans have remade KOTOR as a LEGO game

As we wait with bated breath for more news of KOTOR's remake, we've been blessed by fans, as someone is rebuilding (pun very much intended) the game as though it were a part of LEGO Star Wars. There have been a tonne of LEGO games, with the Star Wars subseries being one of its most popular. 

Reddit user RavenProton has shared the project they've been working on, pulling together the opening cutscene of the fan-favourite Star Wars game, but entirely in LEGO. 

The stop-motion video is incredibly impressive when you consider what must have gone into its creation - but fans have taken to the comments to ask for more. After all, now that we've had Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in 2022, there are questions about whether Traveller's Tales will leave the story here. 

Fans want a full LEGO KOTOR remake

A Jedi in Knights of the Old Republic, swinging a lightsaber.
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Fans in the comments are begging the original creator of the video to work with some devs to bring the hoped full project to life.

"Please turn this into a mode to replace the actual intro," comments one user, to be met with a more expansive idea. "Better yet: replace all the game's assets with LEGO," adds another. A third concluded, "I'm gonna need more! I am desperate for KOTOR content 😄 Nicely done.:

It's clear that the demand is there for more KOTOR experiences, partially because of the brilliance of this intro, and equally because the well has been dry for a while now. We're starting to lose it a bit, but imagine a full game with a blocky Darth Revan. 

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