Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Placed On Hold 'Indefinitely'

Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Placed On Hold 'Indefinitely'
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Joseph Kime


27th Jul 2022 09:02

Star Wars games are unique in that they're all vastly different from each other, but all have exactly the same fan base... and that it's intense. It's no secret at this point, but fans of the galaxy far, far away, have proven themselves to be a little much.

Whether it be for film, games, or extended canon, they can't really enjoy anything or bring something up without arguing about it. We love Star Wars, but damn the discourse is rich. And now, it's about to get furious because the long-awaited Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake has halted production.

Has The Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Been Shelved?

Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Placed On Hold 'Indefinitely'
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As reported by Bloomberg, it looks like the hugely anticipated remake of the original Knights of the Old Republic game has been put on indefinite hold by Aspyr Media. 

This seems to be the result of a lot of chaos in the game's development teams, as Aspyr abruptly fired its Art Director and Design Director in July. The two studio heads revealed in a meeting this month that the project has been forced to be put "on pause," and that the company is going to be looking for other development gigs in the wake of the holding.

This information was revealed by people on the inside of the company that weren't authorised to speak about it, so we have the staff of the game to thank for the information. The mention of a "pause" might not sound too damning, but if we've learned anything from the development of video games, this could be the beginning of the end of the Knights of the Old Republic remake.


What's Next For The Knights Of The Old Republic Remake?

This is a bit of a bleak point in production, as frankly, things could go either way. Knights of the Old Republic could either come to fruition - albeit later than hoped - or continue to circle the drain in development hell and suffer hugely, potentially never seeing the light of day.

As of right now, it's incredibly hard to tell what's next, but whatever it ends up being, this is a pretty bad sign. Given that Knights of the Old Republic is held as one of the greatest RPGs of all time since BioWare released it in 2003, it's sad to imagine its legacy being blown up like the Death Star. Then again, surely no remake is better than a lacklustre one akin to the GTA Trilogy? KOTOR fans, we offer you our sincerest condolences.

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