Insider claims Knights of the Old Republic remake is dead

Insider claims Knights of the Old Republic remake is dead
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Jack Marsh


22nd May 2023 10:54

You can't be blamed if you've got the bug for the 'sabers, as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has reignited that passion for slicing droids and chopping down your most fearsome foes.

But, that might be the last game we get in the Star Wars franchise for quite some time, as the next major project appears to have been hit with the grievous swing of a Sith lord.

Following on from Survivor, albeit in a different sub-series within the wider galaxy far, far away, the upcoming remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was set to be the next big release. Sadly, leaks now suggest that the project has been killed off.

Star Wars insider claims Knights of the Old Republic remake is dead

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) has gone down in the gaming history books as one of the best games ever made. Scoring 93 on Metacritic, the highest of any Star Wars game, KOTOR was announced for a remake in 2021, which intended to pull the 2003 title into the modern age.

However, two years after being announced, we're yet to see even a slither of footage for the game aside from the sneak art shot at the antagonist Darth Revan. 24 months later, the only news we have had confirmed about the game is a developer switch when Aspyr handed over control to Saber Interactive.

Now though, a popular Star Wars insider has claimed that they don't think KOTOR "will ever come out".

Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb took to YouTube to say, "We got Ubisoft's lineup for the next fiscal year, and [there's] no mention of Prince of Persia at all. I still think Prince of Persia comes out though before KOTOR, which I don't think will ever come out."

Why is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic being scrapped?

Speaking following KOTOR remake's announcement in 2021, Lucasfilm Games' Orion Kellogg said, "As hardware advances and as our game-making prowess advances and as storytelling [techniques] advance, what better time to allow players to re-experience this great story with all of those lessons learned, and bring it back to modern platforms using modern methods?"

So having once been filled with such confidence, Grubb's inferred take on KOTOR now seems like he knows development has not gone according to plan.

With KOTOR being so highly-regarded, you can see why the Star Wars studios wouldn't want to release a remake unless it was perfect, and it now looks like they will protect the legacy of their best-ever game, rather than tarnish it with a semi-finished remake.

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