Leakers Predict Warzone 2 To Feature In Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Leakers Predict Warzone 2 To Feature In Modern Warfare 2 Beta
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Jack Marsh


9th Sep 2022 15:25

All eyes will be on the Call of Duty: Next showcase on September 15 ahead of the first-ever look at Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, Warzone: Mobile, and more 'surprises'. With its conclusion, the MW2 Beta will also kick off, and leakers are now suggesting players might get more than they bargained for.

CoD: Next should give us fans a taste of what's in store for the franchise in the coming weeks, including a look at content creators live-streaming the beta and the multiplayer experience.

However, if you just expected to see the Modern Warfare 2 Marina Bay Grand Prix map and new guns from the beta, you might be sorely mistaken, as one renowned leaker thinks some battle royale elements will be open to being played.

Leaker Believes Warzone 2 Will Be Added To Modern Warfare 2 Beta

The popular leaker "TheGhostOfHope" has gifted the Call of Duty community with a wealth of leaks in recent weeks, including information on the CoD 2024 campaign setting and conflicts, and the Modern Warfare 2 classic maps being remastered for the second year of the upcoming game's cycle.

Now, they're back again and this time predicting that Warzone 2 could be playable in the Modern Warfare 2 beta starting on September 16.

Of course, this would then mean that the PlayStation beta keyholders will get first dibs on the new map.


Will Warzone 2 Be In The Modern Warfare 2 Beta?

Despite the bold claim, TheGhostOfHope did indicate that he's not 100% sure, and fellow leaker Tom Henderson claimed that there is no beta for the battle royale variant.

If we don't get to play the Warzone 2 map in Modern Warfare 2, it might be more probable that we will be able to get access to multiple parts of the map, given that it's speculated some Ground War landscapes will be small parts of the overarching BR battleground.

No matter what is available to play, we'll definitely be getting a first look at the Warzone 2 map at the Call of Duty: Next showcase, which will still whet our appetites.

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