Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Footage Shows Huge Overhaul To Vehicles

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Footage Shows Huge Overhaul To Vehicles

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Jack Marsh


31st Aug 2022 12:58

The protective sheets that are covering Modern Warfare 2 are slowly beginning to unravel. Just over two weeks remain before the sequel to Infinity Ward's 2019 reboot of the Modern Warfare series is rolled out in a beta test, but in true Call of Duty fashion, the leaks are pouring out. Now, it appears that the vehicles are getting pimped out.

Vehicle behaviour has become quite prominent since the introduction of battle royales (Blackout and Warzone), bringing the transportation methods into the multiplayer realms rather than safekeeping them to select campaign missions. 

Now, ahead of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, leaks have now suggested that there will be an overhaul of vehicle behaviour, focused on combat and protection.

What Does The Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Footage Show?

Modern Warfare 2
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With attention revving up for Modern Warfare 2's release, a leaked clip of the campaign has now gone viral - which details some huge changes to the way players can interact with vehicles. 

Where players would previously have to kill players inside of a vehicle in order for it to be hijacked, the leaked footage now shows players actively rejecting enemies by climbing onto the roof of a moving truck, opening the passenger doors, and yanking the driver out of their seat to be flung onto the ground.

The leaker, with the alias of "3rbbcod", also shows players being able to smash through the windows of a vehicle that they control, firing their weapon out of the sides. The clip may have also suggested the same can be done from sun roofs, although that's a quick way for someone to get a headshot. 


Modern Warfare 2 Vehicle Leaks Detail Damage 

With new ways to combat from within a vehicle comes new ways to damage vehicles too. The Modern Warfare 2 campaign leak - which will likely transfer over to multiplayer, too - shows the vehicle having a health bar for each area of its body. Crashing will damage its bonnet and getting bumped in the back will damage its rear. 

This could mean that players looking to take down an enemy vehicle with gunfire will be best to shoot the same part of a car as their teammates, which will cause the vehicle to cease up. The overhaul will likely please Warzone 2 hopefuls, given that the method of winning solo matches was to drive around in a Big Bertha. 

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