Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Is In More Trouble Than We Thought

Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Is In More Trouble Than We Thought
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Joseph Kime


23rd Aug 2022 12:21

Knights of the Old Republic is a big deal in the world of Star Wars games. The RPG is a big example of the many successes that the Star Wars universe can achieve when it's adapted to an interactive medium. Though the franchise's many video game adventures have been fun in their own right, few have been as immersive as the iconic KOTOR.

The announcement that the game would be getting a remake was met with excitement from all over the world - giving players the chance to return to the game and play it for the first time. Unfortunately, its indefinite delay brought worries. And now it's getting worse.

Has Knight Of The Old Republic Remake Changed Developers?

After the game was pushed back, and the announcement was met with fury from fans, the Knights of the Old Republic remake has reportedly switched developers entirely.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the remake's development has been shifted entirely. This means that it is no longer being developed by Aspyr at all, and is instead being moved over to Saber Interactive - developers of World War Z and Evil Dead: The Game.

This is a pretty big deal, as not only is the game changing hands between developers, but it's also shifting to an entirely different content. Moving over from Texas all the way to Eastern Europe. It could be incredibly bad news for KOTOR, as it's unknown if the title's progress will be scrapped entirely. There's every chance that picking up where the old devs left off could lead to some massive bug issues.


When Is The KOTOR Remake Coming Out?

Remember that Aspyr's Knights of the Old Republic never really had a solid release date to start with. Since its behind-the-scenes dramatics, it has been cast even further into doubt. Insiders have suggested that KOTOR is eyeing a 2025 release date.

As the game has now changed hands entirely, there's every chance that it could be pushed back even further. We'll just have to wait and see to find out what the deal is with the remake, but there's one thing for certain, there's a dark rumbling in the Force.

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