ImperialHal isn't 'excited' about anything in Apex Legends Season 19

ImperialHal isn't 'excited' about anything in Apex Legends Season 19
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Alex Garton


31st Oct 2023 17:05

Apex Legends Season 19 is finally here, and it's bringing a massive amount of exciting additions, including Conduit, Storm Point map changes, and (of course) fresh cosmetics.

That's all alongside the long-awaited cross-progression, including cosmetic merging across every platform. While hype is at an all-time high, not everyone is impressed with Ignite, especially the pros.

TSM's star IGL Philip "ImperialHal" Dosen has made it clear he's not "excited" for Season 19 at all.

For him, the update hasn't changed the gameplay of Apex significantly enough, and he's worried it's all going to feel the same as before.

ImperialHal isn't excited for Apex Legends Season 19

As showcased by Zipp, ImperialHal was asked on a recent stream about which aspects of Season 19 he is looking forward to the most.

In response, the TSM pro claimed, "I don't think I'm excited for anything to be honest, seems like the game going to be pretty much the same."

For Hal, Season 19 isn't bringing enough fundamental gameplay changes that will affect the way matches play out. While Conduit is arriving on the roster, there are no weapons, attachments, or full maps being added.

"When I look for a season, I'm more so looking for fun when I'm not playing scrims... most of my streaming time is playing Ranked so if that doesn't really change it's kinda whatever."

ImperialHal hints Respawn have huge changes coming in future

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While discussing Season 19 and his disappointment surrounding the patch, Hal did let slip that he's looking forward to a huge feature that Respawn hasn't discussed yet. "I was excited for the one thing that's not talked about yet... I just want to enjoy the game outside of playing comp."

Unfortunately, the TSM star didn't reveal any details about this massive change that the devs have planned, but the word "reset" was used, which is interesting.

If it's got Hal excited, it definitely means that it's going to shift the way Apex is played or the meta in a significant manner. Either way, it means exciting additions are guaranteed to be on the cards in Season 20 or 21.

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