Hogwarts Legacy Could Be Hiding A Secret Harry Potter Cameo

Hogwarts Legacy Could Be Hiding A Secret Harry Potter Cameo
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Tom Chapman


12th Jan 2023 16:31

We hope you've been practising your potions because Hogwarts Legacy is finally (nearly) here. As we say "lumos" and more details come to light, could the game be hiding a secret cameo from the Potterverse?

At times, it felt like Avalanche Software's magical adventure was wearing a Cloak of Invisibility, but in 2023, we're finally opening the doors to the hallowed halls of the Wizarding World with Hogwarts Legacy.

Is There A Secret Harry Potter Cameo In Hogwarts Legacy?

Whether you've got the courage of Godric Gryffindor or the sneakiness of Salazar Slytherin, taking a quiz will sort you into your various houses ahead of February 10. Although that doesn't let you meet your classmates just yet, there might be a few familiar faces knocking around.

WB Interactive recently confirmed that Simon Pegg will be voicing Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black, who is the great-grandfather of the fan-favourite Sirius Black. Another familiar name you'll recognise is Weasley - with Deputy Headmistress Matilda Weasley being played by Lesley Nicol.

A little closer to our lightning-scarred hero, there's been plenty of speculation that Harry Potter will be making an appearance. We'd like to clarify, not THAT Harry Potter, but his great-grandfather - Harry "Henry" Potter.

We previously speculated how the timeline could match up, but now there's some actual evidence that Henry Potter will be on the Marauder's Map. Reddit user Arktix_13 has pointed out the leaked Hogwarts Legacy trophy list.

Warning - potential Hogwarts Legacy spoilers ahead

How Could Henry Potter Be In Hogwarts Legacy?

The trophy called "The Hallowed Hero" requires gamer to "wield a Deathly Hallow" - meaning either the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, or the Cloak of Invisibility. Crunching the numbers, Arktix worked out that the Cloak of Invisibility must be the right one.

The Elder Wand supposedly belonged to Gregorovitch around the time of Hogwarts Legacy, with Dumbledore claiming it in 1945. Players would have to best Gregorovitch, and then, him win it back again before the end of the game for this to be the hallowed item.

The Resurrection Stone is meant to be with the Gaunt family, while Arktix reminds us Marvolo Gaunt didn't know the importance of the ring's stone. In theory, the only way it could appear in the game is if your character is a member of the Gaunt family.

So, Arktix theorises that we'll ruin into a Potter ancestor in Hogwarts Legacy. They think we'll run into Harry "Henry" Potter and borrow the cloak from him. It's all pretty believable, but we'll have to wait and see.
Given that the Cloak of Invisibility has appeared in numerous Harry Potter games, we're excited to see how it could come into play in Hogwarts Legacy. Having a Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy would be a great Easter egg for fans of the Wizarding World.
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