Secret Hogwarts Legacy room makes you want to replay as a Hufflepuff

Secret Hogwarts Legacy room makes you want to replay as a Hufflepuff
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Joseph Kime


25th Apr 2023 09:24

Ah, the humble Hufflepuff. Noble and loyal, with a strong sense of justice and patience for anything. While Hufflepuff isn't the presiding house of Hogwarts, at least it's not the goody-goody Griffindor or sinister Slytherin. And who cares about a Ravenclaw? We're all about Hufflepuff supremacy here.

The choice of a house in Hogwarts Legacy might be obvious for some, but there are drastic differences between the four of them, with some missions being exclusive to specific dorm rooms. And now, there's a hidden room just for the Hufflepuffs.

Hufflepuff has an exclusive secret room in Hogwarts Legacy

Reddit users have managed to find a secret room that's hidden in the Hufflepuff common room and has made other houses want to convert.

A new video has been shared to the HarryPotterGame subreddit, showing off the brand-new discovery that is a pretty on-brand secret.

The Hufflepuff common room features a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf, and as the player walks up to it, it swings open to reveal a hidden banquet of cakes, snacks, and goodies.

The room isn't entirely unknown, as some players have added in the comments that they knew about it (well done, you). But for many, this is a whole new secret that is making people wish they were Hufflepuffs in the first place.

Ravenclaw is the worst house in Hogwarts Legacy

Hufflepuff Common Room Hogwarts Legacy
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While Hufflepuff has proven itself to be the best house (obviously), there is actually a technical 'worst' house - and it's Ravenclaw. Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of special and exclusive quests for players depending on their house, and out of all four, Ravenclaw has the least. 

That means that Ravenclaws are more likely to have a much shorter game than their counterparts. Shoulda chosen Hufflepuff, scrub.

Let's spare a thought for Hufflepuff though, because if you crunch the numbers, True Trophies confirms that Hufflepuff is the least-picked house Sorry if you're a Cedric Diggory or Newt Scamander fan.

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