Hogwarts Legacy fans spot horrifying Room of Requirement Easter egg

Hogwarts Legacy fans spot horrifying Room of Requirement Easter egg
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Joseph Kime


3rd Apr 2023 10:17

There's plenty to see in Hogwarts Legacy, if you're willing to poke around the hallowed halls of the magic academy. The game has been out for a while, as the most dedicated fans of the Wizarding World have explored all the nooks and crannies, but, it turns out there are still secrets to unearth.

We should have seen it coming - what with the secrecy that the world holds - but given just how intense some Hogwarts Legacy fans are, we'd expect there was nothing left to find. Now, those same fans have discovered something… pretty bleak.

You can mount house-elf heads in Hogwarts Legacy

Good lord. The Room of Requirement is the most heavily-customisable location in Hogwarts, allowing players to find anything they need or simply create a cosy little getaway between classes. It turns out that the cosiness that some fans are after comes at the expense of our friends.

Fans have pointed out on Reddit that one of the decorative items available in the Room of Requirement is a mounted house-elf head, with its description detaining that the decapitated noggins can be hung on your walls.

After making friends with actual house-elves during the game's narrative, this is a bit much. We suppose if you want to fulfil your more sadistic tendencies, then the option is there. But Christ, please think of what Deek would have to say.

Hanging house-elf heads is a spit in the face of Deek

This reveal has spurred a lot of players to want to embrace the evil wizard inside of themselves, but given that Deek the house-elf is the one who showed players the Room of Requirement in the first place, it's pretty grim of them to do so.

Sure, some players might think he's annoying, but to have decapitated his brethren and hung them as trophies of violence? That's a bit much.

Even though we won't stop you hanging the house-elves on your walls, that's something you're going to have to reconcile with yourself. Pfft, and we thought Voldemort was bad. For shame on you all.

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