Hogwarts Legacy Theory Teases Potter Family Twist

Hogwarts Legacy Theory Teases Potter Family Twist
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19th Aug 2022 12:05

We're jumping back on our broomsticks in 2023, as Hogwarts Legacy is finally taking flight in the Wizarding World. Giving us more delays than we'd care to count, Avalanche Software's long-awaited open-world Harry Potter game has (hopefully) locked in a February 2023 release date.

With even longer to wait, it's given us plenty of time to dive deep into the Great Lake of theories and rumours surrounding Hogwarts Legacy to try and figure out what's going on in those hallowed halls. Although the game's character creator lets you bring a whole new witch or wizard to life, a major theory claims we'll be seeing a certain famous family also learning "lumos" at the famed school.

Will Harry Potter Appear In Hogwarts Legacy?

Although the game's setting of the late 1800s means we're about 90 years too early for Harry Potter, that doesn't mean his family tree can't extend into Hogwarts Legacy. You've all heard of James Potter, and maybe Harry's grandfather called Fleamont, but how many know about his great-grandfather, Henry?

Over on Reddit, u/TheSSMinnowJohnson theorists that Henry Potter could have a part to play in Hogwarts Legacy. According to the Potterverse, Henry Potter was born at some point before 1892 and later served on the Wizengamot high court from 1913-1921. Apart from that, details on exactly when he was born and died are pretty sketchy, meaning he could be old enough to be a Hogwarts student at the time of the game.

Others loved the idea of Henry being an NPC or side quest on your journey. One supporter cheered, "That would be awesome. I wouldn’t want him to be a big part of the game (might take away too much from the main story), but definitely as an Easter egg. Imagine if there’s a side quest where you help a student named Henry with some task. Then, at the end, he reveals his last name." However, a critic added: "If it's a subtle Easter egg, sure whatever, if it's larger than that... Really bad move. The whole point of this game is to move away from the Harry and make our own story within the Wizarding World lol." 


Is Albus Dumbledore In Hogwarts Legacy?

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From what we've seen so far, Hogwarts Legacy will be sticking closely to the expanded lore of the books. A copy of a newspaper teases that the magical outing will take place in 1890, although we don't know whether that would be the entirety of the campaign. The timings might be slightly off, but others are asking whether Albus Dumbledore will also join Hogwarts Legacy. In the Harry Potter canon, Albus came to Hogwarts in 1892 when his father (Percival) had been locked up in Azkaban. 

The importance of Henry Potter shouldn't be underestimated. As well as being known as "Harry" to his friends, Henry was the reason James and Lily gave "our" Harry his name. With families like the Blacks, Potters, and Weasleys having gone to Hogwarts for generations, we're at least expecting a few nods to these bloodlines in Hogwarts Legacy. The timelines also marry with Phineas Nigellus Black being headmaster, so look out for some more familiar faces schooling us when Hogwarts Legacy eventually releases.

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