Hogwarts Legacy ASMR Is The Latest Gaming Trend

Hogwarts Legacy ASMR Is The Latest Gaming Trend
Avalanche Software

Written by 

Tom Chapman


20th May 2022 09:25

Avalanche Software is whispering "Silencio", as we finally get ready to raise our wands for Hogwarts Legacy. Well, that's if it ever comes out. Originally set to release last year, this dip into the Wizarding World has been delayed time and time again - making us feel like someone at Warner Bros. Interactive is using their own Time-Turner. 

With all sides making a big push for a promised 2022 release, we're finally getting some more insight into what's going on behind the doors of that famed school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One thing we didn't expect though is the soothing trend of Hogwarts Legacy ASMR.

What Is Hogwarts Legacy ASMR?

For anyone who doesn't know, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and can soothe the mind with atmospheric noises. You've likely seen the trend on the likes of YouTube and TikTok, with even Cardi B scratching her nails on a microphone being an oddly mellow experience. Get ready to add Hogwarts Legacy ASMR to your bedtime routine. 

In the latest Hogwarts Legacy dive, Avalanche tours some of the magical adventure's many locations. Starting with a rainy night in the grounds of Hogwarts, we can hear the rain bouncing off the stone of the castle, we then move to Hogsmeade to hear the creaking sign of the Three Broomsticks and an enchanted watering can. It rounds off with a brooding storm, but by that point, we assume you're sound asleep. 

Players loved the new theme of Hogwarts Legacy ASMR. One wrote, "ASMR and 20 minutes of shots from the game? I'm all in for this type of content LOL," while another added, "This is so relaxing, going to sleep with this tonight, and tomorrow, and every night." A third wished us all a good night's sleep and concluded, "Rain and moving water are two of my favourite relaxation sounds. I love this ambience. Thanks everybody involved in all this. Beautiful. Everything looks and sounds wonderful." 


Will The Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Be Delayed? 

Soothing Hogwarts Legacy ASMR videos are all well and good, but is it just masking larger issues with a Cloak of Invisibility? Several insiders have started their own raspy whispers that the Hogwarts Legacy release date could be pushed yet again. As 2022 flies past like a Firebolt broomstick, it's suspicious that there's still no concrete release date. If Hogwarts Legacy is delayed again, there could also be a knock-on effect. 

Just like how Warner Bros. Montreal ditched the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights for a wholly new-gen release, Hogwarts Legacy could follow suit. As the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S head toward their two-year anniversary, new-gen native releases are becoming the norm. With speculation starting to gather steam, we'll need more than some soothing Hogwarts Legacy ASMR to calm angry gamers if we lose its last-gen ports. 


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