Fans Worry Hogwarts Legacy PS4 And Xbox One Versions Will Be Cancelled

Fans Worry Hogwarts Legacy PS4 And Xbox One Versions Will Be Cancelled
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19th May 2022 14:41

Did someone strike Hogwarts Legacy with an Unforgivable Curse? If it's not uncomfortable ties to She Who Must Not Be Named or accusations of anti-Semitic goblins being the main villain, Avalanche Software's magical title has been hit by delay after delay. 

As we wait patiently to hop on our broomsticks, remember there's still no concrete Hogwarts Legacy release date. Although we've repeatedly been assured the game will be casting a spell on us this year, there are fresh fears that not everyone will be practising their swish and flick before 2022 bows out.

Will Hogwarts Legacy PS4 And Xbox One Versions Be Cancelled?

Only recently, the long-awaited reveal of a Gotham Knights release date came with the sneaky confirmation that the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One versions have been cancelled. Despite the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S still being like gold dust, we need to remember they've been out for 18 months. As more and more games fall into the limbo between generations, new-gen exclusivity is becoming the norm

On the r/HarryPotterGame subreddit, worried witches and wizards asked if Hogwarts Legacy will follow in Gotham Knights' footsteps and drop last-gen. Industry insider AccountNGT said much of the same and told the Twitterverse, "At this point a delay to early 2023 wouldn't even surprise me." If this is the case, it could easily push Hogwarts Legacy to be a new-gen native. 

Thankfully, there's a glimmer of hope in the Mirror of Erised for those who don't own a PS5 or Xbox Series. Many pointed out that the announcement of a Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch port should secure a last-gen release. The Switch is great at running cartoonish titles like Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but notoriously struggles with more realistic titles. It's also less powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One, meaning a last-gen Hogwarts Legacy should be safe.


Should Hogwarts Legacy PS4 And Xbox One Versions Be Cancelled?

There's a lot to be said for axing last-gen releases. You only have to look at how Cyberpunk 2077 was too advanced for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PS4 version especially looking like it was running on a potato. Other Redditors agreed, as one wrote, "I hate the idea of the older consoles holding the game back. So when they say they are also working on a Switch version makes me cringe. Oh well, wishing for the best!"

Seeing where we're inevitably heading, someone else concluded, "I assume they will cram the hell out of this game onto platforms to make sure the large consumer base is able to play it." Even if Hogwarts Legacy gets pushed (again), we don't see Warner Bros. giving up on one of its most marketable IPs just to appease fans. At this point, we've waited that long, we're not sure whether Hogwarts Legacy has been secretly released and is hiding under a Cloak of Invisibility. 


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