Haunting of Al Mazrah Warzone event announced with jump scares and Diablo V enemies

Haunting of Al Mazrah Warzone event announced with jump scares and Diablo V enemies
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Jack Marsh


22nd Sep 2023 17:12

It surely can't be nearly Halloween already, can it? We've only just started summer.

Anyway, delusion aside, it's spooky season, and Call of Duty is throwing the biggest house of horrors party that it's ever produced.

Heading into the sixth and final season of Modern Warfare 2, which will lead on to its trilogy successor, Call of Duty is dancing with the dead again, as they have announced that The Haunting of Al Mazrah is on its way, bringing devilishly great skin collabs, jump scares, and Diablo V-inspired enemies.

Call of Duty announces The Haunting of Al Mazrah

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Starting on October 17, The Haunting of Al Mazrah will kick off, as Call of Duty promises, "frightening thrills, the shambling undead, squad hunts to take down grotesque monsters, and those infamous jump-scares".

The event will plunge both Al Mazrah and Vondel into darkness across specific game modes, where there will be undead environmental obscurities to manoeuvre around and eliminate.

An abundance of new heroes will be joining the ranks to fight against the dead though, as Spawn, Burned Spawn, Creepy Clown, Violator, Disruptor, Soul Crusher, Nikto Spawn, Inarius and Lilith (Diablo), Skeletor, Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2), and Alucard (Hellsing) all join a massive new skin overhaul.

Warzone's Haunting of Al Mazrah features jump scares and Diablo V bosses


But if things were already spooky enough for you, the graveyard that is Al Mazrah will also play host to more undead than foes than you'd care to imagine.

Remember the trick-or-treat loot boxes that bolted you out of your gaming chairs with the fresh scent of excretion? Well, they're back. In the Call of Duty blog, the developers confirmed that "Every lootable container across Al Mazrah or Vondead has the potential to set off an intense and visceral jump scare."

They won't only be visual queues though, as an "audio assault" has been planned if players opt to use a suppression mine.

Finally, if beating the horrors and other players is too easy for you, then you'll also have to contend with The Butcher, who will be plaguing Vondead with his presence, in a Krampus-like fashion. Good luck.

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