H3CZ Slams 'Ridiculous' CDL Ignorance That Forced Scump To Retire

H3CZ Slams 'Ridiculous' CDL Ignorance That Forced Scump To Retire
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25th Nov 2022 15:43

With the Call of Duty League season beckoning, the competitive scene is in dire straights and the biggest personalities - those that haven't yet had enough to quit - are furious. One of those is Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez, and the OpTic Texas owner has hit out at the $300,000,000 league organisers.

H3CZ's OpTic are facing an end of an era, with Seth "Scump" Abner retiring at the end of this season after 11 straight years (bar one 13-day stint) at the organisation.

Yet the CEO has now confessed that Scump wanted to stay a competitor for longer, but the horrendous state of Modern Warfare 2 has forced his hand, and now H3CZ has slammed the ignorant developers for completely ignoring the competitive scene despite taking $27.5million (give or take a few dollars) from each team.

H3CZ Slams Infinity Ward Devs For Breaking Modern Warfare 2 And CDL

It's evident that Modern Warfare 2 was designed for casual players, that much is a fact. However, Infinity Ward, who has a terrible history with competitive players, has completely disregarded the pro scene this year, and with only two weeks before the season starts, teams can't even scrim.

Private Match bugs, CDL rulesets being removed, no ranked playlist, and complete silence from Infinity Ward have resulted in the 9-figure league facing turmoil, and H3CZ has now let rip in a recent podcast.

Taking to the OpTic podcast, the team owner berated Activision, saying, "I completely understand that whatever the 12 teams invested doesn't outweigh whatever Warzone brings to the table, but that is not fair, and one doesn't have anything to do with the other."

"But, I don't understand why this isn't a DEFCON 5 situation, and why Activision isn't saying 'we're paying everyone overtime, let's get private matches up and running again'."

The immediate issue at hand though is the CDL season starting on December 3, and for over a week teams haven't been able to practice thanks to in-game bugs. H3CZ added, "I have many bones to pick with this league. Many, many bones. This is ridiculous. We have a tournament. We launched the game in advance so that we can start the league early, and what do we get? No league play. Broken Lobbies."

H3CZ Opens Up About Scump Retiring Because Of Modern Warfare 2

After seeing the likes of Damon "Karma" Barlow retire because of Infinity Ward's last title, H3CZ now claims that it's "sad" that Scump refuses to continue his career because of the state of Modern Warfare 2.

Continuing in the podcast, he added, "Scump literally said, 'even if we win champs I don't care, I'm never playing this sh*t again'. The boy had more years in him, but why [should he]?"

The CDL Moshpit playlist also remains indefinitely delayed, and will likely not come until the mid-Season 1 update which comes a day after the Call of Duty League Major I kicks off in Raleigh.

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