GTA V Finally Adds Co-Op Campaign

GTA V Finally Adds Co-Op Campaign
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Joseph Kime


19th Aug 2022 15:50

GTA Online has been a huge reason why GTA V has had its longevity. The opportunity to race around Los Santos - with your SMG in hand and beam down baddies with your mates as you hijack planes and rob corner stores - is a dream that a lot of fans have had for a while.

When it came to life after the launch of GTA V, it was no surprise to see the online multiplayer rocket to incredible popularity. And even though we now have heists and more missions to dedicate to with our pals, it's not quite the same as the missions we got in the main game and its story mode. So that's where modders come in.

Does GTA V Have Co-Op?

If the potential of GTA Online simply isn't enough for you, then there's good news for you - modders have brought your dreams of playing the GTA V story with others to life. Finally, we can get Franklin, Michael, and Trevor together, pick our favourite, and play as all three. 

The new mod is called RAGECOOP-V and is an ongoing project by a team of developers that lets you "complete missions together with your friends, use mods without any restriction/ getting banned, or just mess around with your fella."

Though GTA Online offers a lot when it comes to the Grand Theft Auto mode with other players, this allows fans to have the full toybox to play with. It gives you access to cheats that you simply wouldn't be able to access in the game's online counterpart. RAGECOOP-V comes with "decent compatibility with other mods" and it has its own modded server, meaning that you can go nuts with extra downloaded add-ons with your friends.


GTA VI Will Be Getting Story DLC

Even though this is a nice extra bonus for the story mode of GTA V, a lot of fans are pretty disappointed that they never got any real story DLC. Thankfully, the next game will be different. It has been revealed by insiders that the campaign of GTA VI won't actually end as the credits roll - in fact, a post-launch DLC has already been planned.

If the GTA 6 DLC leak is to be believed, it means that more of the game's story will be to come after we've all beaten it. It's good news for fans, as it makes for more GTA in some capacity - and frankly, that's all we can ask. Bring it on.

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