GTA fans pick series' best setting, and it's not Vice City

GTA fans pick series' best setting, and it's not Vice City
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24th Jul 2023 17:10

The Grand Theft Auto series has had so many locales that it's hard to keep track, but some are massively iconic - and for good reason.

From the recent Los Santos all the way back to Grove Street, the Grand Theft Auto series has always been able to masterfully put together an open world that encourages exploration and an immense playtime every time a new title comes out.

There are plenty of corners of the United States to play around in in GTA, and fans have come together to pick their favourite of the bunch. While you think you might be able to pick fist place, the result might surprise you.

GTA fans declare Los Santos the best setting in the series

Call it recency bias or call it fate, fans have come together to decide that Los Santos, the sprawling city from GTA V is the very best location in the series' history.

One user in the GTA subreddit has put it to the people to decide their favourite city in the history of the franchise, and the majority of the comments point towards the LA-inspired city from GTA V.

"Driving around Los Angeles, I get constantly reminded of how accurate Los Santos is," says one user. "Not only landmarks, but just recognizing random buildings and looking them up later, like yup! That's an apartment building from GTA V!"

"I was just at the pier two weeks ago," adds another user. "The mountains to the north on the coast, houses against the beach, the pier and the beaches themselves. Felt like I was in the game."

Fans sound off on their favourite GTA city

The golf course in Los Santos.
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Though Los Santos' mention got the most upvotes on the post, that doesn't mean there's a lot of love going around for the other cities of GTA.

"GTA IV's Liberty City," says another commenter. "Not because of my biased response due to me living near there, but because that city feels alive and dynamic like the real New York."

"San Fierro is underrated and Vice City in HD would definitely be the best," adds a fan of San Andreas. "Otherwise I would say Liberty City."

Regardless of where you sit in the debate of the very best GTA city, it's fair to state that they're all pretty damn good. Pick your favourite at the risk of being ripped to shreds by the trolls, though.

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