GTA 4 Definitive Edition Axed By Rockstar

GTA 4 Definitive Edition Axed By Rockstar
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Joseph Kime


26th Sep 2022 13:23

Grand Theft Auto learned all of the wrong lessons from GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. The classic game trilogy's reissue was a broken, buggy mess. As a result, (try to act surprised) players didn't like it one bit.

Rockstar seemed to think that players not engaging with the package was because they simply didn't want to see classic games brought back, but the opposite remains true to this day. Players have been clamouring for a GTA 4 remake and crossing their fingers that it could arrive. Not content with shooting down fan's hopes, Rockstar is also axing attempts to bring these games back to life.

Is There A GTA 4 Remake?

GTA 4 Definitive Edition Axed By Rockstar
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In the wake of the massive GTA 6 leaks, Rockstar seems to be on a furious rampage that's seeing it lash out against third parties interpreting the Grand Theft Auto series - and that has sadly struck a popular fan project.

The Definitive Edition Project is an ongoing fan site that has sees the development of performance and visual improvements to a host of Rockstar games, as well as a massive mod pack called GTA 4: Definitive Edition, that practically compiles the best way to play the game.

Sadly, though, the site itself has received a DMCA that claims it is "allegedly infringing on the file creator's copyright protection," and has been pressured to have the mod pack stripped from the site and Discord server.


GTA 4 Definitive Edition Team Speaks Out About DMCA

In response to the active DMCA, the site's managers D.E.P have spoken out about the impact of the threat from the mysterious source. "I knew this day was coming Here we are with a DCA by Rockstar (I assume) on our GTA IV DE patch," the tweet reads. They go on; "No DMCA for the original trilogy (yet), just GTA IV. So for now I think the trilogy is safe. Just enjoy it while you still can."

In the meantime, we're left with those rumours that GTA Online will be getting a Liberty City expansion... despite never coming true. It's a sad fate that the fan project has suffered, all as a result of a lashing out from Rockstar games. Not cool, guys.

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